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Why aren't babies afraid of snakes?

The emotion of fear is essential for humans to survive. So why is it that babies have no fear of snakes?

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That depends on the snake. If it were tame, or its fangs have been trimmed, I would let a child touch it. In any other case, probably not.

No. I would't.

Definitely no. Even though the baby doesn't have fear about that, we know that snake is dangerous.

Definitely no. Did they really put the baby with the snake? It seemed that he held on the animal tightly. That wasn't a good idea.

no!!! i will not let my baby in contact with snake, in first, because the snake is very dangerous and logically i protect my baby from any threats, in second personnally i am very terrified of's my i will automatically project this fear to my child.

No, because I can't know if it is dangerous or not. Anyway,I think snakes are viscid animals to the touch, so they make me disgust.

no way, even the snake isn't poisonous , the bite is very painful, especially for a little baby.

Sure! as long as it is not poisonous!

Personally, i wouldn't let my baby around snakes. That's very terrifying.

I think that it is normal when babby touches a snake, but it must be safe for babby