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Animals Scene 1

Ashlie goes for an interview - but her interviewer is more interested in someone else!


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Way to go! Another great video! This one has been so much fun but truly, all the word on the street videos are worth watching!

It's really fantastic. I it enjoyed very much. It was good when casting director also wanted puppy to takepart in advertisment. Because Ashlie was confused wheather casting director allowed puppy during the audition. This story implies that The English love very much their pets and they are so worried about them that they can't leave it behind.

I also had a mongoose when I was a boy of 10 years. My brother and one of cousins cought it when it was crossing a water tank. Then it was only few weeks old. I brought up it and it turned into pet. Mongoose usually attacks chikens and hunts snakes but my mongoose was different. I liked it very much. I enjoyed to play game with it. I loved it so much thought people of our country don't take it positively to have a mongoose in a family. But one night my uncle's pet dog killed my dear pet. I miss it .

Hello Rasel,
I'm glad you like the video. Your story was very nice, but I'm sorry to hear about your mongoose.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team