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Art Scene 1

At an art market, Ash and Stephen find themselves in an argument about who is the better artist. They decide to have a competition, but first they need to find out what art is.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to the Tasks and do the activities. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Order the sentences according to the video.


Task 2

Decide if these statements are true or false.


Task 3

Order the words to make useful expressions from the video.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hi everyone, nice to meet you here.

LearnEnglish website, Wonderful!!! it's a very useful of me. but I dare, I suggest that you can adjust(speed up and down) control button to add on the footage, Because listening beginners need to be, "more clear and more helpful."  If you could do that, it would be more helpful. Thanks a lot.

I have some suggestion and I don't want to be embarrassed you and this is only my concern to guide you towards by great listeners someday by giving my opinion cause I just want to help you. Listening are very integral parts with our daily lives just want to know what is happening in our surroundings. If you want to learn you must need to adjust your listening by adopting the voice and pitch of the native speakers. Because if the speed of the voice is unnatural you will not learn anything to listen to the other native speaker and it looks like a talking machine or a robot.

Hello Myung Man,
That's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how helpful it would be for learners to listen to artificially slow audio. Our approach is to provide materials at lots of different levels of English. So, if you are finding 'Word on the Street' difficult, why not try Elementary Podcasts instead?
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

yes , the art is all about idea , so the something object will hae multy interprestation, for me i still confuse to catch what the idea behind the object of art.

what does mean "art is all about ideas "and "he 's using a rubbish bin to show how everybody objects.
i need your help.thank you.

For many times I watched this video but I still not catch the point. Hmmm how bad my listening skill. But this video is so interesting especially the actor and the actress, Ashlie and Stephen.
Telling about art, I have no much interested in art especially abstract but I like looking at nature paintings. And also, I don't like drawing. It's one thing I avoid because I have no much idea. So I would like to give two thumbs up for anyone who can draws well because they are so creative, smart and have much idea. They are so briliant. I hope someday I can meet artist and teach me to draw. And there's something I would like to ask, how to like drawing?
Well, that's from me.

word on the street videoes are really useful & interesting for learning english
but it's not enough. i have no problem with speaking
my problem is how to learn 2500 hard words for my toefl exam
can u recommend me the ways of learn the vocabs forever ?

This is very funny, I´m just looking forward to watch new chapters beacuse they are really smashing.
Ashlie and Stephen are a marvelous couple. They´re always fighting ( they are siblings)but at the end they always get on. They remind me just a little  bit  of George and Mildred ( The Ropers) 
Thank you very much for this. 

 I agree with you Ashlie: Art is all about ideas.