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Dating Scene 1 - Language Focus

Rob and Ashlie talk about some love and romance words and when to use ‘make’ or ‘do’. The more you study, the more you learn!

Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


"The more you study English, the more you'll learn". Is it possible to use different tenses or simple/continuous verbs with this construction?
Es. The more you eat, the more you're getting fat/you'll get fat.
Thanks for your reply.

Hello Monica68,

Yes, it is possible to use different tenses in this construction, provided they combine logically. Both of your examples are acceptable in the right context, for example.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I think there is a mistake in Task 3 2/6.

Hello nopainnogain,

Thank you for pointing this out. There is indeed an error - an unecessary comma. We have corrected the exercise.

Thanks again,



The LearnEnglish Team

i scored well!

Mr Right?

I enjoyed the conversation

00:12 "I thought I haven't found Mr Right" (If I heard the right words). Is it possible to use the tense didn't find and write the sentence like this "I thought I didn't find Mr R" or "I thought I wound't find Mr R"? Thanks a lot

Hello apc,

All of those sentences are possible, but which is correct depends on the context and the meaning you wish to convey - the present perfect, past simple and 'would' forms have different meanings, of course, which you can check in our verbs grammar section.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I still havn't found Mr. Right