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Dating Scene 1

It’s Valentine’s Day and Stephen convinces Ashlie to try speed dating. Does she meet someone special?

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Hello thaivan,

The two forms here are:

[like + verb-ing] - likes doing 

[would like + to verb] - would like to wash

We use [like + verb-ing] when we are talking about something which is always true - a preference or a habit, for example. When we say a girl who likes doing housework we are talking in general terms - she enjoys this.

We use [would like + to verb] when we are talking about a particular situation. When we say a girl who would like to do housework we are talking about one time or one particular job, not about her preferences in general.


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Thank you for the clarification .

Nice vid. Very lovely. Love the british accents. Though I can't quite differenciate with is north or south, central and so on. would love to learn more. Thanks british council.

Very interesting this theme! What about Stephen, does not he want a boyfriend? It will be interesting see him take place on a speed dating by LGBT people like me.

where I'm from in Hungary Valentine's Day is not so popular, of course usually couples suprise each other with something. Boys give flowers, roses or chocolate for their love..but I think this date can be so annoying for all the single ladies :D aand unfortunately there is no any club here where we could try speed date, but this is a great idea for singles.

In Honduras, Central America we celebrate Valentine's Day. This is a special day for boyfriends with their girlfriends (persons in love), but we extend it in order to celebrate friendship as well. This day many people has the custom to buy presents, send a card or go out for lunch or dinner others go to parties at night.

How do people usually meet in your country?
The most recient tool to meet couple is by internet. But the majority way is at the college, churh or place work.

I think Valentine's Day is popular in big cities of my country but I don't think the same thing for the other regions. Usually, People spend this day with the other people who they love.

This video is very helpful. In Vietnam, we don't have Valentine's day for people who are alone, it is only for the couples. It's a new thing for me.
By the way, I really like the song in this video. It's very romatic.
So, thanks for your videos! I'd love to watch them.

Its a lovely day and in my country people love Valentine’s Day

ın my country valentine day's celebrate with love