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Dating Scene 1

It’s Valentine’s Day and Stephen convinces Ashlie to try speed dating. Does she meet someone special?

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Are there any difference in the usage between 'don't forget' and 'remember'?

Hello Haruyo,

Both 'don't forget' and 'remember' are used interchangeably to remind somebody to do something. Some people say that 'remember' is more effective than 'don't forget', but there is no difference in usage as far as I know.

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The LearnEnglish Team

What does the phrase (?) 'do the ironing' mean? Does it mean 'making the (?) laundry straighten up'?

Hello again Haruyo,

Yes, you've understood it. If you look up 'ironing' and 'iron' in our dictionary - see the searchbox under Cambridge Dictionaries Online on the lower right - you'll see definitions and examples. Please note that 'iron' has several meanings - be sure to seach for the one that is a verb.

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A new word in my vocab
that's " Speed Dating"

Amongst two terrible vehicle accidents I've had, one was my mother, when our vehicle somersaulted.

I meant, amongst two terrible vehicle accidents I've had, one was with my mother, when our vehicle somersaulted.

I've a question. The question is - what does "Dating" mean?
For me what I understand is- Dating is the time of a couple before they get married. they know well each other.
I asked this question because the culture of different countries are different.
I asked many people about this on Facebook they had many answers and funny.
I hope I can get your help.

Hello viju1,

That is more or less the meaning. When you 'date someone' you are meeting them romantically, as boyfriend and girlfriend.

You can use our Cambridge English Dictionaries Online tool to look up words and phrases such as this. Just type 'dating' into the dictionary search window on the right of the page and click 'Look it up!' to see a definition, examples and more.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Peter ,

Thank you very much for your promt answer . Sorry if I've spoiled your weekend with my question.