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Join Amandeep as she meets a young couple on their wedding day. Find out how people get married in the UK and watch as they get ready to tie the knot!  

Watch the video and do the Tasks. Then watch the video again and check your answers. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


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A good deal of tolerance :what is deal here means

The civil ceremony is the real wedding.
All the others like traditions, religious ceremonies, etc... are not part of the official wedding.

nice video, in my Country Peru the most of the wedding ceremonies are Christian, some people take it as tradition others with the properly meaning, there are many couples also live together without any wedding ceremonies some of them later make a civil or religious ceremonial.

Hello there! interesting video but I have a question: what's the difference between wife and bride?

Hello Frederica911,

Bride is the word we use to describe the woman who is getting married at a wedding ceremony. Wife is the word for a woman who is married.



The LearnEnglish Team

In France, it's nearly similar to celebrate marriage : civil wedding and christian wedding most of time, but there's a lot of religions too. I don't know their customs.
Tolerance, complicity, good health and a lot of children make for a lasting relationship.

Hello everybody,
Amandeep calls Bobby at fisrt "man" and then "groom". What's the difference?
Thanks a lot in advance for your answer. Your site is great! Bye!

Hello Iellablu,

'man and wife' is part of what is said in many wedding ceremonies ('... I now pronounce you man and wife ...') and so that's why Amandeep says it in that context. Otherwise, 'man', of course, has many, many meanings – one of which is specific to marriage or sexual relationships – and 'groom' has a much more specific one in this context (follow the links).

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi, could anybody help me? I'd like to understand correctly the sentence: 'After some photographs to record the big day, everybody will go to...'.
The meaning of this sentence is clear to me, but not grammatical construcion. Why there is used infinitive form 'to record'?