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Flathunting Scene 1

Ashlie is not happy with her flat, so Stephen offers to help her find somewhere better. That sounds easy, doesn't it?

Task 1

Can you match the flats with the descriptions?



Task 2

Type the missing word or words in the space to finish the sentence.



Task 3

Finish the phrases for describing flats by using the words given.




Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Belsize avenue in Cadmen? Nice zone, rather expensive though  

I am Ramzi Dweik from Palestine I am happy to learn english from British Council

How we can download video?

Hi en.Javad!

I'm happy you like our Word on the Streets videos enough to download them! Unfortunately, however, for legal reasons, these videos are not available for download, although you are welcome to watch them as many times as you like on our site.
If you want to be able to practice English offline or using an mp3 player, some of our recordings can be downloaded. Try our podcast soap opera, Big City, Small World or our Elementary Podcasts.
Best wishes,
Jermey Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

You can't do it, because of the copyright reserved.

I cant watch any videos, pls help me, I'm using iPad 2 to learn. Thanks

Hi! Sorry to whine but I could not understand the conversation clearly and the music behind was more loud as compare to conversation. I'm wondering am I the only one who is facing this problem?

Hello Mirch!
Sorry to hear you're having problems – it's perfectly OK, and not at all whining! Now, the audio sounds OK to me – can you give me a time in the video where you think it is particularly difficult? There may be a problem with the sound levels.
Even so, it's good practice sometimes to listen to conversations with background noise. Often if you are talking to a native speaker – or watching a movie – there will be some noise going on. For these videos, don't forget that there's a transcript to help you if you are having trouble.
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

In Korea, There is a saying "a cheap one is useless." So if you want to live in a modern and stylish flat, you have to pay more money.  

my father has a real state agency and i sometimes work with him
actually in iran the rent of the houses &apartments are quite expensive for the people
especially for people who are under the poverty line
i hope every body in the world could buy a safe and comfortable and beautiful place to live