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Homes of the Future

Homes don't always seem hi-tech, but Amandeep finds that some of the latest innovations in house design and furniture are space-age!

Task 1

Choose the 5 things you see in the video.



Task 2

Which sentences are true, and which are false?



Task 3

Can you complete the collocations using the words given?




Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


In the future I would like to have a robot that would cook me dinner every night, and I would like to have a floating bed, so I could feel like I am in the clouds while sleeping.

What is the meaning of hi-tech? "Homes don't always seem hi-tech"

I would like to live in this house because it is very practical and easy.

I liked the video because it shows a lot of technology and I work with IT.

I'd like to live in a technological home, where I could control all eletronic devices in the same place, reuse the rain water and use renewable and clean energy.

I would love to live in a house which uses collected rain water or is heated by solar power from solar panels on the roof. I am afraid I am daydreaming but I am optimistic and I hope the next generation will live in houses like this.

The most modern houses only can be Palaces, Goverment Houses Royalty Serails etc and we can not tell our standard houses, apartment flats is a most modern types. On the other hand, if you have a most modern house, you definitally should use more security systems, guard and stafs, trained dogs all around house, tens of cameras on ceilings, even garage and parking places included. That means youre in trouble.

Good evening guys, to be honest, I'm scared of this kind of house. For me, there is too much technology, I like simple things whereas I dislike something like a control panel or for instance a technology chair that swinging you in that way.

Hello. Could you please help me with the usage of the word "home"? I want to know if it is correct to say "My home" in that context:

Someone asks me the following question:
'Is there a shopping mall near your home?'

What could be the correct answer? 'Yes, there is a shopping mall near my home' or 'There is a shopping mall near home'.
I mean, can I use the possessive adjective "my" in this response? Can I leave out 'my'? or do I have to use it?
'She invite me to her home' is correct?
Than you in advance.