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Hallowe'en Scene 1

It's party time for Ashlie and Stephen - but which costumes to choose?


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Hello Must,

That's right, both 'was having' and 'had' are possible in that context. 'had' is a more general statement, and 'was having' emphasises that the problem was occurring at that time. In the end, it's no real difference in meaning, just a difference in the way you think about it.

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Hello, if it s possible can anyone answer this question: which one is correct?

In 1911 Hollywood was voted to become part of Los-Angeles, because it HAD or WAS HAVING problems with its water supply. There is famous Hollywood sign which IS STANDING or STANDS above the hills.

If it s not convenient to ask these kind of questions here, could you please, tell me a link where I can send my questions, Thank you.

Hello Must,

We're happy to help our users with questions, but we ask that they be related to the page you ask them on, and also that you explain to us what you think the answer is. This looks like homework, which we generally don't do - we are all teachers here and so we know it's important for students to do their homework!

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When i hear Hallowe'en, dressing up awkward or funny or frightening costums and putting on too much make up for girls, and lots of people who's having fun in the same place come into my mind. it is good way to have fun with friends of course. but here in turkey we don't celebrate hallowe'en. i have never had a hallowe'en party till this time. i wish i had a party that way... it would be great :))))

would you please tell me how can i download this there an option?

i think you are need a program for download lıke thıs video

Hello farnas akhter,

I'm afraid that this and most of our videos are not available for download for legal reasons. If you're looking for free audiovisual content, all of our podcasts (e.g. Elementary Podcasts, Big City Small World) are available for free download.

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i dont know any magic tricks

I know that everyone wears interesting costumes and makes up .They try to look like a character of a film, a book or a comic book. (like a superhero for instance) They decorate everywhere with pumpkins and they go out to pick up lots of candy or chocolate from their neighbours. And my only trick is trying to do like my finger is severed but I think I can't even manage it :)

What do you know about British Hallowe'en traditions?
I've listened from other countries that people have a party, in which everybody uses a fancy costume dressed. The children go house by house asking for candies. The families meet in the house to celebrate Halloween with a special dinner.

I can't do any magic tricks.