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English History

Amandeep travels 400 years back in time to find out about the English Civil War. She finds out how the war was fought – and who won it!

Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


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Intermediate: B1


hi everybody... i would like to meet people to practice my english writing skills! please! add me xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello Izban_Bernal,

It's great that you are so keen to practise your English! However, please remember that our House Rules ask users not to offer or ask for personal details such as email addresses, Facebook names and so on. This is for data protection reasons as some of our users are under eighteen years of age.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I cant download audia for improving ielts listening. How can it download.

Hello Faruque Hossain,

The videos here in Word on the Street are not available for download, and in any case are not intended for IELTS preparation - though of course you're welcome to use them however you'd like to.

If you're interested in preparing for the IELTS, I'd suggest you try our IELTS section, as well as TakeIELTS, where you can find resources designed specifically for the exam.

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I love England, however I'm Egyptian.

It is fun to learn the history of England:)
I already knew that the queen doesn't participate in politics in England. however, I didn't know why and just now I realised it.

"the queen doesn't participate in politics in England" (by the way, is this right sentence?? Or could kindly you revise it for me?)

Hello Lucie_K,

Yes, that sentence is correct.

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The LearnEnglish Team

hello. i've faced 1 confusing question and i hope you will give me explanation. i've listened a music that its words indicated below (subtitle)... it says " WHEN JESUS SAY YES NOBODY CAN SAY NO"...... why it's written without "S" i think it should be "says" for instance: "when Jesus says yes nobody can say no" is it correct??? please explain it if you have time, thank you all

It was interesting to know more about the history of the country that I want to learn its language.