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Loch Ness Scene 2 - Language Focus

Rob talks about the passive voice, ways to ask people to wait and how people say 'want to' and 'going to'.

  Watch the video and then do the tasks.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


hi guys, at 1.22 i hear As saying the subjet is your mum? isn't it?;

at 2:02 ) i call soon more clips for you now????

as well at 2:31 people say wanna of want to and gonna of going to all the time, people that are learning in english may find a bit difficult to catch a first, but quickly you use them, another side is very commun use.

i want to thank all you,because i'm improving my english skill listening fastly.


Thanks Rob. Your are The best language Expert .Excellent way of explaining. Hope you see my message . Best regards.

Great clip! I'm gonna use this with my students tomorrow to revise passive!
Thank you!.

this programme is fantasti,
i will asck for more subject

Hi, Congratulations! this programme is fantastic!

My question is: can I use wanna/gonna in any situation? or if I want to be a little more polite, should I say "want to/going to", then?

Thank you!

Hi Ximeherre

Generally, people use more contracted language in informal situations and try to speak more clearly or 'properly' to show respect in formal situations. However, that doesn't mean that in formal situations you should say /wɒnt tu:/ for want to, or /gəʊwɪŋ tu:/ for going to

In a formal situation, I would say /wɒntə/ and /gəʊwəŋtə/ - contracted but clear. When talking to my friends, I might not pronounce the and say wanna/gonna.



The LearnEnglish Team

hi dear,

 thank you very much indeed. Mostly , i like  Language focus discussion .It's very useful.

 Thank you very mach!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Adam,
You've been a great help. I did what you said and it's working now.
Thank you .

Hi there,

I can't get into the tasks and do excersises. I use explorer 9 and windows vista. I didn't have any problems before but since I've downloaded explorer 9, I have this issue. Please advise. Thanks