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Loch Ness Scene 2 - Language Focus

Rob talks about the passive voice, ways to ask people to wait and how people say 'want to' and 'going to'.

  Watch the video and then do the tasks.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


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I agree with Genmex!!!
I learnt English at school for 10 years. Then I have a one-year break and started learning English at private language school. And I can tell you that it is not so easy to find such an interesting programme as this!!!
THIS CLIPS ARE AMAZING! Now i'm on advanced level at language school now, but these short movies are very helpful! I found out lots of phrases and expressions, which are naturally British. Of course neither our teachers nor teachers from other countries, who know English and this is their native language, cannot provide such a diverse cultural accent while teaching us English. Thnak you!!
Excuse me, for messy words, but im just so excited. i looove British peple and British accent!! If only i had a chance to study English in British council! but, it's still too expensive for me..Thanx for posting these videos!!! :))))

the best programme forever.