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Night Out Scene 1 - Language Focus

Rob talks about how people behave in a pub and the expressions we use when we want to make offers and requests.

Watch the video and then do the tasks.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hello, Team.
Help me with this, please.
What can I get you?
- Offer to get someone something.
- Ask someone for something.
I understood correctly which answer I'll have to choose. But my question is why you didn't write 'offer' and 'ask' in ing form.
Would you mind explaining, please?
Thank you very much.

Hello Nizam Balinese,

It would be perfectly fine to use the -ing form here. We could also use an infinitive with to, a present continuous form or a noun form - there are many options. These are just labels.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you

Thank you

hello teachers,
i have come home much of time.
I'm waiting for bus much of time.
I'm telling my friend how long I'm at home or bus station. are these usage of 'muc of time' correct, if not please correct this I'm really confused.
advance many thanks

Hello ahmednagar,

'much of the time' is a phrase used to refer to frequency ('how often'). If you want to speak about duration ('how long'), then I'd recommend a phrase beginning with 'for', e.g. 'for a long time', 'for 20 minutes', 'for hours', 'for ages'.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hello sir,
what phonetic chart useful in pronunciation? and which technique i use to understand it.

Hello ahmednagar,

There is a phonemic chart on our Sounds Right app page and also here. Note that in addition to being able to download the chart for iPad, you can click on the chart on those pages to use it.

What might be more useful for you is our dictionary (Cambridge Dictionaries Online, on the lower right side of this page), as most entries also have a link to a recording of the pronunciation of the word in UK and US English. Click on the small blue or red symbol just after the word to hear the pronunciation. You can also use the phonemic transcription provided in the dictionary with the phonemic chart above to practice the different phonemes in each word.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hi guys
I can’t catch some of the words that English Expert Rob said in ( Night Out Scene1 Language Focus)

at e.g. 2.27 until 2.31, in my opinion might be : so i get, people might not know meaning by crips.

i need your help, i hope someone clarifies it for me.


Hello, Rosario70
I'm sorry to hear you're having problem listening to what Rob has said. But I think what you've caught is almost correct. Let me help you with that.
Rob : "So again, people might not know you mean by crisps ....."
I hope that helps you.