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Night Out Scene 2 - Language Focus

Rob talks to Stephen about some phrasal verbs from the clip and then about ways of saying how much you like something.

Watch the video and then do the tasks.


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Intermediate: B1


please, we need more lectures about phrasal verbs and vocabulary. thanks

Thanks for improving the knowledge of phrasal verbs

Sorry, about my previous comment. I've read it a few times and now I see that there are definitely two ways of understanding it. I just imagined it was saying during a conversation. (I can’t hear anything! Turn down the volume!).
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Hello Dima,

Yes, you are correct - and it's good that you worked it out yourself. Our words only make sense in context, as you can see.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello! I think in this sentence: "I can’t hear anything, turn up the volume."(Task2), should be "turn down" instead of "turn up". Otherwise It's either sarcasm or it simply makes no sense.
Thank you in advance!
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The difficult the English are verbs... Oh Dear, I'm never I'll make it...

Thank you

Thanks Kirk for your answer and for useful advice .

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Hello Teachers ,

as we could see from the Task 3 and as Rob explained , ' I can't stand it ' is stronger in negative plan than 'awful' and 'terrible' . But how should we place it along 'hateful' and 'obnoxious' ? Or they are simply incomparable ?

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Hi iliya_b,

'obnoxious' could be used to refer to someone's behaviour, but in general, 'hateful' and 'obnoxious' aren't typically used like the expressions in Task 3 to comment on a situation saying something like 'This is ...!' If you want to see examples of them in use, I'd suggest consulting a corpus, which shows examples sentences from different sources.

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