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Northern Ireland Scene 1 Language Focus

First, Rob talks about ordering instructions in English, and then he talks about keen on.


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Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hi ssaara,

Both "I got it" and "I see" are often used to mean "I understand/I've understood". "I got it" can also indicate that the person who says it is ready for the other person to move on to the next point.

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Thanks Rob , Great Explanations.

thanks to all you, you're helping very much on improving my english one...but

rob says:(e.g. 51) first of all you walk up which foot you put to the front, then you need to learn when to lie?. and once you've done that you do the next thing. i'm interested............ i need your help until (e.g. 1.05).

greetings by rosario

Hi rosario70,

The part in "quotation marks" below is where Rob is repeating what the instructor said. Here's what he said:

"First of all, you work out which foot you put in front, then you need to learn where to lie. And once you know that, you do the next thing." I'm interested in those connecting words and expressions: first of all, then, once you've done that...

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thank you it's useful

hi  how can i download this video?

Hi rouzbeh6100,
I'm afraid we can't make the video available for download for technical and legal reasons. We make as much as possible of the materials accessible in this way - for example, you can download the transcripts to many of the parts of this video, and many audio files can be downloaded - but it is not possible to do this for every part. However, we are trying to increase the number of downloadable elements, so do check back in the future.
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thank you for this video!

I am a new learner of english
I want to know aboud to dowload  video course