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Northern Ireland Scene 1

Stephen and Ashlie see some of Northern Ireland's sights, and then head to the Atlantic Ocean for surfing lessons.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


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Hi to everyone, 
I've never been in Nothern Ireland but I think it should be nice to visit. Beautiful landscapes, seasides, even though I'm luckier than Ashlie and Stephen: I live in Rome and the seaside is certainly warmer than Northern Ireland's one! :)
"I was just wondering", maybe I should learn surfing a day, I really would.  

I think there's an error in task two:
Stephen  says "I might be able" instead "I will be able". At least it's what I heard, and the transcription says the same thing. 

Hello my friends.
My name is KAzuo and I live in São Paulo, Brazil.
I liked to learn english, so I here. Please, someone can teach me ? I speak portuguese ( brazilian) and japanese.

Hello, here are my answers :o)
•Have you ever been to Northern Ireland? No I never ever been to Northern Ireland, but looks wonderful. I think one day I will to visit this place!
•Do you know anything it is famous for? No, I don't. I found in Wikipedia a lot of information.
•Have you ever been surfing? No, just kayak, but it isn't the same. Good idea to try.

See you again in this site. I'm so happy with this program. Related to questions, I would like to answer.
1. I never have been to Northern Ireland but I hope I could be there soon.
2. I know Ireland because there is a few famous boysband from there. They are Boyzone and Westlife. I like them so much begin their outlooking, their perfomance and the most their songs.
3. Unfortunately up to now, I never have been surfing but I really would like to experience it. Is there anyone would like to teach me?

Both boysband are from Ireland (it means from Republic of Ireland). Northern Ireland is a different country - that a part of United Kingdom. It's a bit complicated but here you can see how exactly it is:
I was in Northern Ireland two weeks ago:) Giant Causeway is really amazing. Also  The Dark Hedges is worth to visit if someone like to make photo.
Best Regards!

i think that Northern Ireland is a good place to known, it has  beautiful pictures, the beach is big, and the sky  is clean, the mountains are amazing. But  I think that is a place will to visit.