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Northern Ireland Scene 2

Once they've dried off, Ashlie and Stephen explore a bit more of Northern Ireland's heritage and, like so many places in the UK, that means... ghosts!

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Stephen says to Ashlie: "I had your room changed.
Stephen didn’t change Ash’s room himself, but he asked someone else (the hotel receptionist) to do it.
We use this structure (have + object + past participle) to talk about asking other people to do things for us.


Task 4


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello ph_saeed!
This is an example of the present perfect continuous. If you click on the link, you can see some information about this tense. It is made using have + been + v-ing. We often use present perfect continuous for things we stopped doing recently, a short time ago. This is what Steven means – the surfing was earlier that day, not very long ago. 
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Could you tell me why Stephen siad "let's go see if we can find a ghost"why don't he say " let's see if ...."?

hi All
Actually I never saw the  Ghost I hope so i will never see it it in my  live , but some time i feel a little scary  and creepy when i stay alone in some where, I don't know it is as sight that the place there are ghost. but i believe that the ghost really exist, many place have story or legend about ghost including in my country such as haunted Si Manis Jambatan Ancol ( The sweet Ancol Bridge ), Sundel bolong , Tuyul dll,some people believe that the ghost usually live in old building  or empty room,

Hello! I'm from Romania and I live in Transilvania; as some of you might already know we do have a ghost culture in here, which is not entirely due to the local people. I mean, Dracula became famous after Francis Ford Coppola created the well-known movie. Most of the people who live here don't really believe in ghosts or vampires, but legends are very good for the local tourism, since Transilvania is a really beautiful place and the people are nice and friendly. Greetings to everyone!

I think the music makes it scary when talking about the ghost. All the horror movies use this trick. Even though I don't believe in ghost, I am still afraid of dark or staying in a place with ghost stories.....
Someone says that person with great imagination should not watch horror movies, cause his/her vivid imagination makes him/her more scared. Sadly I am the one....

The conversation is a bit frightening as there is a ghost room in the hotel. However, I don't believe in ghost like something as I an yet to have such type of experience in my life. Though I am yet to get ghost related experience, it is horrendous to listen to voot (ghost) FM,a programme brodcasted by Bangladeshi radio channel RADIO FORTI. In this programme guests describe their ghost related experience.