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Northern Ireland's Street Art

Amandeep visits Belfast, Northern Ireland's capital city, to find out how street art shows the city's difficult history and promises a brighter future.


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Thank for this podcast i've learned a lot about the history of both countries, how they souffered because of their respective religious affiliation. Know it's ended but they are countries nowadays where they're souffered for this type of conflict and nothing is not enough doing to resolve this.

People drawing graffiti because they do want to express their feelings, emotions by this way.
Graffiti can be in city, but I think that it should not be drawn on walls of old historical buildings with beautiful architecture therefore it can be drawn on the walls and panel buildings of course if this graffiti is worthy and beautiful.

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Thank you for your work, these podcasts are as interesting as a good way to improve English. Could you please answer the question connecting with Northern Ireland Street Art podcast.

In this podcast, Tim from Belfast said: "..this particular community will have felt as if they were under pressure from the other community..." I understand the meaning but I didn`t get the grammar. Why didn`t he say just felt as if they were...? Why did he say "will have"? Everything seems in the past for that situation and conflict. It doesn`t seem as a causative clause for me either.

Thank you in advance for the answer.

Hello Oleg,

We often use 'will' for prediction and this may be about the future, of course, but it may also be about the present (He left work an hour ago so he'll be at home by now) or the past (He left work at midday so he'll have arrived home at least an hour ago).

The difference between ...the community felt... and ...the community will have felt... is that the first is a statement of fact and the second is a prediction or speculation by the speaker. The use of 'will' makes this clear.


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The level test result suggests me to study CEF B1 content.
How can I know which are CEF B1 contents or lessons.

Hello Aung Moe Zaw,

Most of our content is marked for level. Look for the TAGS section on the page and you'll see several things noted, including the estimated level. For example, on this page are as follows:

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The first three are topics and the last two are the levels for which the material is suitable. You can click on a level in the tags section to see more content at that level. You can also use our search page to find material at the appropriate level - just scroll down to the section below the test.


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Some people draw graffiti to express themselves, give an opinion or something. Others make that without any reasons, and it's not really beautiful.
In my opinion, it has a place in the city, as playground decorations, some areas dedicated to it, museums.

I think, this kind of things have happened for a reason and thanks to that we are solving things by arguing and discussing