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Shakespeare Scene 2

Stephen and Ashlie continue their adventures in Stratford, Shakespeare's birthplace. Stephen finds out the truth about his new job and Ashlie meets her Romeo!

Task 1

Task 2

We use 'such' before nouns and 'so' before adjectives:

  • Stephen: It's such a famous theatre. ('theatre'=noun)   
  • Ashlie: You're so lucky. ('lucky'=adjective)


Task 3

We use 'had better' to mean 'should'. For example:

  • Stephen: I'd better go in and find the director.
  • Ashlie: I think I'd better go.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


the stories is a little funny , where Stephen visit to Shakespeare's house , he need to apply as a Romeo so he diced to meet the Director , but unfortunately he didn't get as actor but he is become ticketing .

Is ( had better) an expression of past? can we say I have better to go .Does it have a present form or it should be learnt like this ?

Hello suad kidd,
It's always 'had better' and it actually refers to the future:
'I had better start working' (you say this before you start)
'I had better call her in the morning' (the call will be tomorrow)
Thank you for the question.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

No,I haven't seen any of Shakespeare play yet but I wish some day  I will see his play in Stratford.I have read his famous play Julius Caesar in my 10th grade. I had enjoyed reading it.I would like to visit Stratford, where one can actually  feel the history.Shakespeare is the father of literature.I haven't  done any job yet.But I would prefer to do a job which is related to my study and where I can utilize my knowledge. 

I really enjoy it. when I start to watch, I can`t stop it. now it`s 1 am and I`m carrying on the watching..

Hello, Loan!
"first night" means "the first performance", when a play is being performed for the first time.

Hello everyone!
Could anyone please help me? I don't understand what "night" means in Ashlie's sentence: "it must just be first night nerves",
Many thanks!

Hello Loan!

Plays usually take place in the evening or at night, so a first night performance is the opening performance of a play - you can check the definition in our Cambridge Dictionaries box. Even experienced actors get nervous the first time they perform a play in public (first night nerves) - so Ashlie is saying Stephen will be OK - he's just nervous about doing something new.

Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Great exercises, great series. I am really enjoying it.

Yes I'm agree with you, all these videos are great, I´m so glad for these new series of videos