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Snowdon Scene 1 - Language Focus

Rob the teacher talks about tag questions. Try some activities to practise this language.

Watch the video and then do the tasks. 

Task 1

Language Task

Complete the sentence with the right question tag.


Task 2

Language Task

Read the sentences with tag questions and choose those that are correct.


Task 3

Language Task

Choose the best answer to these questions.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Some questions were hard to remember, weren't they?

i did not use this roll before. but naw i will

Learning English is necessary to intergrate, isn't it?

its very helpful, i have learnt -speak for yourself and when to raise the tone when we really mean it when we use tag questions, its great. I still cant make out a few words that ashley pronounce, hope i get better in the coming videos.

Hello there, i'm a new member of this web site and i want to thank you so much for teaching english in this way, it' s very funny simple and easy, Rob the teacher is great he explains very well :)

Hello Teachers at Learn English,
I have a question regarding to an exercise in "Tag questions 3". I got it right by hazard. The options are: "I am good at this, isn't I?" and "I am good at this, aren't I?". The second one seems to be the right form.
As far as I know the right form would be "I am good at this, Am not I?", wouldn't be?
I really appreciate your help.

Hello Ivonne,

While it is correct to say ' I not?' as a tag question, it sounds very formal and old-fashioned in modern English. The form '...aren't I?' is much more common today.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

It's amazing learning english with britsh council, Isn't It?

Well, I did not know about tag question, and I use It sometimes.

How can to download word on street?

Hi manouchehrn74,

I'm afraid the videos on LearnEnglish are not available for download. Our audio materials (such as Elementary Podcasts and Big City Small World) are available as mp3 files, but there are legal and technical reasons which mean that we cannot make the videos available.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team