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Transport and Travel Scene 1 - Language Focus

Rob the teacher talks about using the present perfect to describe events and experiences.

 Watch the video and then do the tasks.

Task 1

Language Task

Rearrange the words into the correct order.


Task 2

Language Task 2

Read the questions and select the right forms of the verbs.


Task 3

Language Task 3

Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.


Task 4

Language Task 4

Rearrange the words to make correct sentences.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hi guys! how a u? I wanna to ask, how can i save my answers?

Hi Tahoni,

Answers are not saved in profiles on LearnEnglish, so if you want to keep a record then the best way is to create your own document.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone, my name's Hung, from Vietnam. I would like to make friend with everyone want to practice English. My skype is xxxxxxxxxx
Hope to see you guys soon.

Hello nguyen,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! It's great that you want to make friends and practise speaking English, as this can really help you improve. If it interests you, you might want to see if there's a suitable class for you at a British Council Teaching Centre in Vietnam. Here on LearnEnglish I'm afraid that our House Rules prohibit users from sharing personal information such as Skype addresses. We hope you stay here, but if you're looking for social interaction, you might also want to visit our Facebook page.

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I've done tasks correctly.

Hello everybody , actually i really want to say that my English getting better and better and thanks to British council for that

Hello, LearnEnglish team,
I can't find the transcript , I hope you put it, so it's important to revise words and sentences
with what I listen to.

Hello seham fadL,

The Language Focus sections of Word on the Street are not designed for listening practice but for language work and they do not have transcripts with them. The other sections of each episode do have transcripts.


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I have always wanted to learn English form authentic sources and British council dose the same.These are great videos,it helps a lot.Thanks British council.

I love thise short videos. Thank for the Site.