Suggestions and obligations

Level: beginner


We use should and shouldn't to make suggestions and give advice:

You should send an email.
You shouldn’t go by train.

We also use could to make positive suggestions:

We could meet at the weekend.
You could eat out tonight.

Level: intermediate

We can use conditionals to give advice:

Dan will help you if you ask him.

Past tenses are more polite:

Dan would help you if you asked him.

Suggestions 1


Suggestions 2


Level: beginner


We use must or need to to say that it is necessary to do something:

You must stop at a red light.
Everyone needs to bring something to eat.
You can wear what you like, but you must look neat and tidy.

We use mustn't for prohibitions – to say that it is necessary to not do something:

You mustn't make any noise in the library.
You mustn't say anything to her. It's a surprise.

We use had to (positive) and couldn't (negative) if we are talking about the past:

Everyone had to bring something to eat.
You couldn't make any noise in the library.

Obligations 1


Obligations 2



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