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Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


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Intermediate: B1


this conversation is dificult to understand the pronounciation of mew but i keep tring.

Hi Nicoleta,
When the woman says 'the works', she means 'everything you would hope or expect'. So in this situation, instead of listing everything that she has in her house (e.g. the rooms, the furniture, the features), she says 'the works' .
In another example, someone in a British hotel might ask what you want for breakfast. If you answered 'the works, please', they would give you some eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, toast etc. - all the food available.
I hope that helps,
The LearnEnglish Team

i think it is hard to me . i have to do more practise
thanks it is really helpful

The ability to survive in life lies in our hands and it's rooted in our resolve not to give up no matter what the challenge might be!

 Thanks for this poste where I learn a new common phrase "musn't grumble"
Thans to the LearnEnglish Team

Thank you all that verry good for me

Hello, I am here again for my second comments, these two guys look like two actors, I like to watch their performance. They are really amazing. Adam, I know you see our comments, can you tell me any tips or shortcuts for English pronunciation, I am 54 years old and I do not have enough time to memorize all English words, one by one, so if English has shortcuts for its pronunciation, this would be so useful.
My best regards.

Hi,Adam!!!!That's my about fifth visit to this site,but i like it very much yet))Tell me ,please,what must i do to improve my knowledge?? I like this language and I'd like to be good in it!!!!Best wishes!!!Milenn!!

Hi Milenn,
I'm glad you like the site. It's hard for me to give you advice on what would improve your English, because I can't hear you speak it and I don't know what you think your strong and weak points are. If you can give some more details then maybe I or someone else will be able to make some suggestions.
The LearnEnglish Team