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Really good.

I noticed at the 14 second mark that the lady says "You're looking well." Should it not be "You're looking good?" Sensory verbs are normally succeeded by an adjective. Using well in this case would change looking to an action verb and indicate that he has good eyesight. Is this correct?

Hello JGrace4,

Hello nash_d5,

You are correct that 'well' is often an adverb (with 'good' being the verb). However, it can also be an adjective with the meaning 'healthy' or 'not sick', and that is the meaning in this context.

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hi everyone, I'd like to chat with Olivia and Sara in BCSW...... but I don't know how to.
Anybody could help me, please?

Hello tonyo,

The voices you hear in the series are the voices of actors because the characters were all created by a writer. I'm sorry to disappoint you!

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Thank you Peter for answering me so kindly, I just have only a doubt. Can I put the question without "each other"? So: " We haven't seen for some time". Thank you again for your patience. Bye bye!

Hello lellablu,

No, that's not correct. 'each other' is needed in the sentence because 'see' is a transitive verb, i.e. it requires an object. You could use a different object, e.g. 'I haven't seen you in some time', but of course the meaning is slightly different.

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Hello again....

I heard that there is a Carolina's blog somewhere here and could you tell me if it's true and where can I write to her.... Sorry Carolina as you know is a person from Elementary Podcasts.

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Hi dato86,

I'm afraid that Carolina's blog is no longer available! If you have any questions, we'd be happy to help you, so please don't hesitate to ask us.

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Hello everyone! I'm not able to find the right way to say "we haven't seen each other for sometime". I think it isn't correct. I hope you understand what I want to say. Can you help me please? Thank you very much.