Talk about: Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talk about why she has chosen to live on her own.

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I definetly prefer to live on my own. I had to live with my parent and an older brothe in one bedroom appartment untill 17 yers old. After that I became a stdent and lived in a dorm for 5 yers sharing a room with four other stdents. It was fun but I was waiting with anticipation that time when I could stay in peace and quiet. When I mooved home from the dorm I lived alone for two years. I didn't even have a Tv, I got a fish tank insted this is when I really striked a balance. All these house chores are nothing because when you live alone there is almost nothing to tidy up and it is very simple to be efficent.
Although money is a significant factor to consider. In my sitution I mooved in my family house which was empty at that time instead of staying in a city where I was studing exactly because I didn't need to pay rent.
Also if a size of an appartment alows you to live in with you parents so that every of you has his free space it is not a very bad idea. Living with parents can give you a really good experience.

It is important to live in your own because you can improve personal skills like responsibility, planning future and objectivity, which helps the capacity of being independent. Therefore, when you remain in parents’ home, you force your relation with them. You are not a child anymore, but they will see you as one and this is not their fault. The house is the property of them and they will naturally impose this power, however, you are not just a tenant. The parental feeling my rise this relation of obedience and then a conflict could emerge.

So, yet money is key factor when you think about to rent or to buy your own home, if you have the financial capacity you should do it.

In these time of economic crisis it's difficult that youngs people can go live own. So, many people keep living with their parents. It's not better situation for both , parents and youngers, but it is necessary. So, money is crucial factor to decide to move out or not.
I'm sorry for my awful English.I'm working to improve. Especially the listening activity ( likewise the speaking) are still weak. I work, usually, 'solitary way' .Thank you for your support, opportunities and precious suggestions.

Hi everyone. I think that there are a lot of pros and cons of living on your own. What about pros& Of course if you are young you can always invite your friends for some conversations. It's not a secret that living on your own makes you more responsible and growing up person. You can also move to another city if you decide to live on your own. Let's talk about cons. I think it's hard at young ages to rent apartments because you don't get enough money for that. Also you need to waste a lot of time on such routine as washing, cleaning, cooking and so on and so on. If you live alone it's hard when you can't talk with somebody after your work. But, above all I want to say that you have enough money for living alone it's better to start doing it as soon as possible.

Hello all,
I think that this subject depend the situation of every body.
For me, i prefer to leave Alone as it will be great to take your own responsability and be free in your life style, simple example cook the food that you want to eat.
In my culture it's praticly impossible specially for single women to leave alone except if you are in another city for study or work purposes.
The money is also a part as sometimes you can't financially handle the cost of leaving alone and sometimes also your parents need your financial help.
So generally I see that the main reason of the difference between people in this point is the economical and family values points.
Kind Regards

Hi Everyone,
I would prefer to live with family instead of living alone.
All the time spending out side for office or on work places we are tired mainly mentally fatigue. As we grown up in a family and naturally we are incomplete individually. If we are living alone we will also thank about family. So, we can not get relax.This could be possible only when we live together. We can share every day whatever we see outside and discuss

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I am really interested in "Living on my own".
I have left my parents since I just was a 11 year-old girl.
During Secondary and High school, I have left my parents and stayed at the dormitory for studying.
Then, I had to go to the capital where has my dream university. I have studied there for 4 years. After graduation, I keep going to work and stay away from my parents. I go back to visit them every month. It takes about 3.5 or 4 hours by coach to get home.
Sometimes, I just wanna go home and never come back to the busy city I am staying. I have to work for living, take care everything, pay for all: rent, internet, electric bills, food....
I admire them who have chance to live with your parents.
However, thanks to living independent, I realize that I could do and solve everything on my own. I seem to be more mature and respect my parent's sacrifices.
Thanks for supporting me. You're my precious. :*