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Hello JFrost,

Have you tried our site for IELTS candidates? You can find it here:

You'll find a lot of information about the exam and tips and advice on many aspects, including writing. In the Preparation section there are sample answers and mock exams for you to try.



The LearnEnglish Team

How can i writing correct spelling words??
I have more mistake in spelling ..

Hello sumi sumi,

Don't feel too bad about spelling mistakes. We all make them, even in our native language, so you are not alone! I find the best way to improve spelling is to read as much as possible. When reading we familiarise ourselves with the spelling of words both familiar and new, and we internalise the rules, such as they are, for spelling. There are also spell checkers in any kind of word processor which you can use to check your writing and this is helpful because it makes us aware of what kind of mistakes we are making, which is key to avoiding making them in the future.

I hope those suggestions are helpful.



The LearnEnglish Team

I really not confidence when speaking in english? could you help me, Mr. Kirk?

Hello Wildan Ibnu Walid,

Confidence will only come with practice, I'm afraid. However, you can practise by yourself. When I learn a language I speak by myself all the time, describing what I am doing when I am alone, talking to my pet dog, arguing with things I hear on the television and so on. The more you speak - even if making mistakes - the more fluent and confident you will become.

We actually have a page with advice of this kind, including advice on improving speaking. You can find that page here. I hope it's useful!


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you for your reply.

Could you please explain what is overgeneralisation?

How do you know when you overgeneralise on the topic?
How can we stop ourselves from overgeneralising the topic?

Hi Rox4090,

Overgeneralisation is when a person talks about something in general terms rather than identifying specific features or distinctions. For example, if you say 'all museums are boring' then you are overgeneralising because not all museums are the same and while some may be boring others may be very interesting. Not overgeneralising means being aware of nuances and differences within the topic.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

In IELTS essay’s paragraph, how topic can be extended and fully developed?

Could you please write an example paragraph for us . I would be very grateful to you.
Please also tell us what you consider before you say that a topic is fully developed.

Best regards,

Hello Rox4090,

I'd suggest you take a look at TakeIELTS or the British Council IELTS channel on YouTube, where you can find lots of useful advice on the IELTS in general and also on the writing section.

It looks like there's a British Council IELTS preparation course in Israel that might be something to consider as well.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Writing tips:

1) Do not exceed word limit
2) Develop vocabulary by reading
3) Time management is imp- 20 mins for first part and 40 for 2nd part