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probably mars is one of the most similar planets to the earth but not the best one for human to live so i think there are certainly planets (maybe outside our galaxy even) that are more likely to earth and people can live there in the future.

I do not think so . Unless the Mars specification changed , like having Oxygen as an example .

I think people may use the neutral materials in Mars in Earth

I think it is too soon to answer this question. Many research need to solve the problem.

Certainly, this occurs. But with this situation that human destroys everything, I afraid of annihilating the mars.

I wonder about this sentence: "It's got about one per cent as much air as Earth." Doesn't it mean that "There is 1 percent of air more on Mars than on Earth."?..

Hello kseniwerdy,

'It has one percent as much... as...' means it has 99% less.



The LearnEnglish Team

At first glance it looks kind of "easy" to answer, but it's not. This topic should be adressed from various topics so the question can be answered. For example, assumming that we will be able to live in there, there should've had several changes before that as far as we are concerned, our body has to evolve so that it has the correct conditions for living there as for instance to withstand the temperatures, gravity,etc. So it is not just matter of advanced technology, besides, Mars is far from being an habitable planet according to the NASA's list of the most habitable planets in the Milky Way.

I think it's impossible. this is so expencive and the earth is our home.We can't leave it and go forever. Poor earth! We destroy it and now we are looking for another home for take down!

When you see the speed of knowledge and tegnology its possible one day to see some people that imigrate to the mars.