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Diversity is good, but we need to, like the above paragraph, learn to respect one another, and need to have one person know to balance the discussion, the end point of it and stop it timely. Diversity in age, gender, nationality, geography or something like this doesn't make sense without difference from opinions of the members. Because merely it affects directly to the work.
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I believe many people to understand that diversity is only choose of the sex gender, but diversity is more than that.

There are many diversity in my workplace such as gender,ethnicity, age and different opinions.
With this diversity we can getting to know different cultures.

In order to solve a problem there are so many different ways, But how can you catch them? I think we need different people with different attitudes and background who inform us. Nowdays, the most expensive good is information. You can find it by 2 ways: 1) studing book, 2) consultation with others, specifically others with different attitude.

In my workplace, there are colleagues from different ethnic groups, religions and locations. As you know, there are more than three hundreds ethnic groups in Myanmar. We could learn to different traditional natures and cultures, beliefs, aspects, feelings and many many etc.

In my work place there are not a lot of cases of physical diversity but there are a lot of cases of psycological diversity, we are totally different in ideas, beliefs, behaviours,etc. wich are more difficult to deal with.

In my organization diversity and inclusion environment are welcome, but it is not enough. There is a set of differences that are not considered. The gender gap does not exist, we are the same number of male and female. But there are no disabled or elderly, for example.

Good exercise, it helps me a lot to improve my English level

In my organization promotes a diversity and inclusion environment, understanding it is a good way to achieve the goals.

I think that it might be vital to create diversity in the workplace environment, because we can have interesting ideas and opinions from many people who have differences in gender, ethnicity, religion and nationality. This can give advantages to make business more optimal and favourable