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I have travelled by air several times inside my country. The flights were short only for one hour.

I like flying)

The longest flight I have had was Bogotá - Madrid, last year. It was about ten hours. But, if I add the other connections, I flew 15 hours certainly between Madrid, Lisbon, and Cologne. It was an rich experience.

Yes, the longest flight was Yangon to Hongkong and it took around 3 hr.

Yes I have, my longest flight was from HCMC to Hanoi

Yes I have. My longest flight was from Riga to Lisbou.

what is the difference between warranty and guarantee ?

Hi elobied

Most people use these words interchangeably, in other words, to mean the same thing. From the perspective of the law, however, I believe there are some differences. If you do an internet search for 'difference between warranty and guarantee' I'm sure you can find several explanations that go into detail on this.

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