Do these exercises and learn words for things you can see in gardens.


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I put flowers in a vase and displayed a couple of green plants in green crockery bowls so that I can feel a gardenish atmosphere!

I like gardens including a kindergarten!
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My flat is in the ground floor and behind it, I have a little garden with a lawn, box tree hedges and three beds with flowers.

In my village every cottage is surrounded by a green hedge with a single front gate. there are no much lawns consequently no lawnmower required. no garage and barbecue. greenhouses and grass are available quantitively.

my home hasn't garden.

In front of my house we have a little garden, we grow lawn and in the centre of it we grow a tree of arupo three months ago.

My house has a garden where we grow fruits and vegetables, when we hungry we harvest it and have them prepare for lunch and sometimes as dinner.

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We don't have a garden, but in my house there are many plants and flowers in pots.