Do these exercises and learn the names of some wild animals.


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Intermediate: B1


Yeah. I've seen all of them but polar bears and reindeer in the zoo.
I am really fascinated by Tigers and lions, they're glorious and powerful.

I'v go to zoom 1 years ago. I see lions, tigers, foxes,squirrels. Me most like see on lions. King of animal!

I have seen all of them in the zoo when I visited San Diego Zoo and Los Angeles Zoo in California. Every single animal is amazing, but my favorite are wolves.

I saw a fox once while spending time in the woods. The animal I would realy like to see in its natural habitat is the panda. I think these animals are a lot of fun to watch, they make me happy.

Almost all of these animals I've seen in the zoo. Also I like watching different TV programmes about wild nature. Most of all I would like to see a kangaroo in a real life not only on TV.

I have seen most of the animals in an zoo last summer. My favorite animals is polar bear.So i would like to see it.

I've seen most of these animals when I visited the zoo of Toronto.

I have seen the most of these animals ,sometime seen on television,i was a child in the circus saw the tiger, my favorite animal is the panda

Of this animals I seen a Lion once at the zoo when I was little. Also, I could see a fox at the field, in his natural enviroment. It was relly nice. It`s a beatiful animal. However I would like to see a panda.

Yes, I had the opportunity to visit the zoo and I could see several of these animals, and liked seeing the felines.