Grammar lesson: Bucket lists – language to talk about dreams, hopes and wishes

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Join our live event to support our learners studying grammar: Language to talk about dreams, hopes and wishes.


4 June 2024

What is the event about?

In this live lesson there will be an introduction to writing a bucket list and useful language to talk about your dreams, hopes and wishes. Then, you can listen to a short explanation, participate in a quiz and practise using the language yourself.

Join the event on Facebook or YouTube at 12.30pm UK time. Find the time where you are.

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Submitted by User_1 on Tue, 04/06/2024 - 15:23


Hello Jo, Thanks a lot for the really interesting lesson.
Please, could you check my task?
I also did the task about your Animals lesson. Could you please check it out as well?
Many thanks!!


What's on your bucket list in terms of learning new skills and personal achievements.

All is imagination, they are just hypothetical dreams that can’t be realised in reality.

Can you imagine learning English ever better to seem a real native English speaker?
Can I picture myself understanding English people without any blocks while they are talking to me?
At some point, I hope to improve my English skills for all the hard work I’m putting in, and it would be amazing to read an english book without getting scared.

How I wish I could be so good at English to write and speak without having to translate in my mind .

I've always dreamt of writing something in English, and it would be a dream come true if I could be able to do it.

Actually, I plan to learn more every day and I hope you can see my progress.

Thank you!

Hi User_1,
I'm glad you enjoyed today's lesson. Do you watch live, or do you catch up with the recording?
I really like your English learning bucket list. Actually every time you attend a lesson or study using the LearnEnglish website, you are moving closer to those goals. Great things can be achieved when we make a little bit of progress every day - I read that recently in the book 'Atomic Habits'! Have you read it? If not, I recommend it.
And by the way, you say you always dreamt of writing something in English - you have already! By writing this comment and comments on other topics, you can already tick that off your bucket list ;-)
Well done, and keep up the good work :-)
Best wishes, Jo 

Hi Jo,

As always, thanks for your teaching. 

I usually catch up with the recording lesson, because I can focus more on the topic.
I would really like to be able to read the book you suggested, but reading always scares me and I get stuck. 

Every time I feel like I am losing track.

Despite all my efforts, I don't know how to deal with this block.

I really hope you find my comments are written clearly and quite well.

Many thanks again!

Submitted by Estherss on Sun, 02/06/2024 - 17:33



I'm a novice at these pages and I don't understand how to enter the class. On the other hand, I suppose the time of the class will be at 13.30



Hello Estherss,

The time given is UK time so you'll have to check the time zones. If you're an hour ahead (CET or WAT, for example) then the time will be 13.30.



The LearnEnglish Team