Grammar lesson: Contrasting ideas – in spite of, although, even if and others

Watch a recording of our live event to support our learners studying grammar:  Contrasting ideas – in spite of, although, even if and others.


2 April 2024

What is the event about?

In this live lesson there will be an introduction to the topic of contrasting ideas – in spite of, although, even if and others. Then, you can listen to a short grammar explanation, participate in a quiz and practise using the grammar yourself.

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Hello Jo,
Thanks for your lesson.
Here, my task. Could you please get me your feedback?
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Although for many AI is very exciting because it makes several tasks easier, 
especially repetitive ones, and it processes vast amounts of data very quickly, 
over time AI could replace humans.

Even though productivity will increase, unemployment is going to rise at the same time.

Whereas AI is very efficient at countering cybersecurity threats of data privacy, 
there are also many ethical concerns, and misinformation about it.

Despite the fact that AI helps diagnose diseases, over-reliance on technology is the downside, 
and everyone should beware of fake news.

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Thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoyed the lesson and that it was useful for you.

Your task looks great to me! You've used the conjunctions we covered really well to link the contrasting ideas.

I hope you'll be able to come along to the next lesson!

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