Grammar lesson: Describing clothes – adjectives and other useful language

Watch a recording of our live event to support our learners studying grammar: describing clothes – adjectives and other useful language.


11 June 2024

What is the event about?

In this live lesson there will be an introduction to describing clothes and other useful language. Then, you can listen to a short explanation, participate in a quiz and practise using the language yourself.


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Submitted by User_1 on Tue, 11/06/2024 - 16:16


Hello Jo,
Thanks for your useful lesson even if it is not easy to learn the scheme related to the adjectives' order.
Please, could you tell me how I did the task?


In their free time, people usually wear different clothes relating to the time of the day.
In the afternoons, you can see people with a quite comfortable look, wearing sports clothes like cool, oversize 
T-shirts and trainers.
Especially on sunny days, they dress in a very casual way such as baggy jeans paired with cool Nike trainers 
when going out around town.

The look tends to change in the evenings, and those casual oversize jeans are replaced by stylish pairs of retro flared jeans. They also wear either brand new or classic cocktail dresses.

Their look depends on public or social events.

Hi User_1,
I'm glad the lesson was useful. It's not easy to remember the order is it? Perhaps you could try remembering the acronym OSASCOMP, and then relate each letter to one of the catergories: Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Colour, Origin, Material, Purpose.
I love your paragraph, it's perfectly written and you've used lots of the langauge from the lesson plus some other great expressions such as 'paired with'.

Well done, and see you next time :-)

Best wishes,

Hi Jo,
Many thanks for your support and help.
It’s really important to me to get your feedback!