Summer quiz: Grammar, idioms and more

Beach and palm trees

Join our live event to support our learners studying English with this fun summer quiz.


9 July 2024

What is the event about?

In this live lesson there will be an introduction to the topic of summer, including grammar and idioms to do with summertime. Then you can participate in a quiz and practise using the language yourself.

Join the event on Facebook or YouTube at 12.30pm UK time. Find the time where you are.

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Submitted by User_1 on Tue, 09/07/2024 - 15:23


Hi Jo,

Thanks for your grammar lesson with Zina.


What are your summer plan?

We are going on holiday to the beach, by the seaside because I need some sunshine and to stay by the sea.
I have never stargazed through a telescope, but I heard that if you see a shooting star and make a wish,
that wish will come true. 

Will it be true? Jo, what do you think about it?

Despite my love for the sea, I agree with Zina when she said that the mask is uncomfortable on my face.
I would rather swim without it than do snorkelling. Even if I wear a mask, I would  be able to see the deep of the sea clearly.

It is not so much to observe fish, but to be surrounded by the sea itself.


Jo, could you please tell me how it looks like?

Many thanks!