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23 February 2024

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Submitted by User_1 on Tue, 27/02/2024 - 16:48



Could you please check my essay? 
Thanks for the help.


It has been said that advances in modern technology and AI will soon mean that human teachers
in school classrooms will be unnecessary.
Will this be the future of education and learning?

Although technology and AI will help and improve students' learning, it is unlikely they will be able to replace teachers, especially when it comes to human interaction with the class.
On the one hand, if AI is a helpful tool in scientific subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, 
on the other hand, for an effective learning, beyond the automatic solution of tasks, it is necessary to figure out the way to achieve those results.

For instance, about mathematics, AI would be better to simplify the final solution, but it does not highlight how to achieve that outcome. Only the human teacher is able to teach the method to achieve that specific goal.

In conclusion, for sure, AI is a useful instrument alongside the work of teachers, but learning will never become a merely automatic process.
Teachers will remain the primary guide for the class, and as humans, they are able to understand and recognize the specificity of their students without reducing them to general standard parameters.


Hello User_1,

I know that we give you general feedback on your texts from time to time, but we're not able to give you detailed assessments. With that in mind, I can say that your essay clearly and convincingly presents your point of view on the topic. 

By the way, I've seen that AI can actually show the steps for solving different tasks, so you might want to investigate that and perhaps consider revising your argument in the second paragraph.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish team