A memorable trip

A memorable trip

We asked people about memorable trips they've taken. This is what they said.

The most memorable trip I've ever had was when I hiked the Inca trail and visited Machu Picchu, in Peru. It was a long time ago, but there are a few things I remember vividly to this day. The hike was tough – it took four days and there were a lot of steep hills to go up and down (my legs were aching after day one!). The altitude was another challenge – at around 4,000 metres, we felt breathless a lot of the time. The daytimes were hot, but the nights were really, really cold in our small tent! The most unforgettable experience has to be arriving at Machu Picchu at dawn and seeing the Inca city appearing from out of the mist. It was incredible. 

A really memorable trip for me was leaving the UK to live in France. My travelling companion was my boyfriend of the time, and we were both in our early twenties. We packed our whole lives into a small, battered Volkswagen Golf and set off, with friends waving. Goodbye Sheffield! Paris, here we come! It was so exciting. I have an image in my mind of us crossing the Channel on a boat. We were sitting at the back of the ferry, feet hanging down, watching the white wake in the water behind us. It felt like such an adventure – the life I had known disappearing into the horizon, and no idea what was to come.
Jo G

In 2016 I went to Denmark to visit one of my best friends. She'd moved from Barcelona to Denmark a few years before, and it was great to go and see her new home and to meet her Danish husband and two children. We had a great time exploring her town by bike and taking the children for a day on the beach. I always love going to visit friends and to get an idea of their lifestyle in a different part of the world. I've got really happy memories of that trip! 
Jo B

One summer my wife, three kids and I took a trip to Norway. We spent a week walking 125km on a pilgrimage route and then another week in a small town. The walking trip was tiring and uncomfortable at times, but was a great bonding experience for us as a family. The other week we explored a different area by car. We visited stave churches, gorgeous mountains and valleys and went on a ferry in a fjord. It was a fantastic trip, definitely one we'll remember for years to come!

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Submitted by Superjet0597 on Sun, 03/09/2023 - 21:04


The memorable trip I have ever had was last year to Bogota, it was a holiday trip with a friend, and we were going there to a blockchain and crypto summit. Well the experience was awesome becasuse the learnings and the new friends I met. Also we went to some parties that bring a lot of fun to while we were visiting.

Submitted by Sissi70 on Sun, 03/09/2023 - 18:54


I was in Switzerland with my family last summer and, among other trips and excursions to visit Thun, Lucerne, Bern and Zurich, I had a wonderful experience in Interlaken, which is a cozy and attractive town between two lakes: Thun and Brienz. I went paragling with a pilot, so I was not alone. I was with other people coming from Japan, the USA and other parts of the world. We went by van to the take-off point (about 900 meters high), spread the sail, got prepared wearing all the equipment required: helmet, harness (mine was attached to the pilot's one, for safety reasons), then a bit of run and there...I was flying! A mixture of emotions were in my mind and in my heart: fear, wonder, sense of peace and freedom. All around was only peace and silence: you could hear only the wind from time to time. I can say that fro the following 24 hours I had so much adrenaline going through my body that I fell capable of doing everything! A really memorable experience that I would repeat as soon as possible.
I warmly recommend!

Submitted by pochtarik_23 on Fri, 01/09/2023 - 19:56


One of my memorable trip was this summer. I visited England and stayed there for 6 weeks. It was an amazing time. I went to an English school and met wonderful people from different countries and made a lot of friends.

I stayed in Bournemouth, but traveled a lot to nearby places. I visited London, Brighton, Winchester and Southhampton. Also I visited the Jurassic coast a wonderful place with beautiful views. In London my dream came true because I visited the Worner Brothers studio tour London and saw magic items.

But one of the best things in this trip was the people who I met. People make this world better and I'm a very lucky person because I met the best people. And I hope to see all my new friends in the future because I miss everyone.

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Submitted by emzamo7 on Fri, 01/09/2023 - 19:22


In 2013, I went to Oaxaca City. There, I visited friends in a little town around an hour from the city. It's a fantastic place: many of the people make 'Alebrijes', a wood handcraft with forms of fantastic animals. In the afternoon, people go to the band rehearsal, where many children and teenagers, and some adults, play an instrument and play traditional music. I had the opportunity to join this community and participate with them. The food, I say, is simply delicious.

That must have been exciting; taking part in local activities and such. I'd love to have one where I could join local community making arts.

Submitted by Cherish on Fri, 01/09/2023 - 13:57


The one of my memorable trips was when I've travelled to Egypt in 2002 in order to attend a meeting. I was first impressed by the Airlines Company called ''Ethiopian Airlines'', of course without advert. As I said the staff of this company was mervellous with beautiful stewards and receipes. I can't forget also the comfort of the plane with large spaces and exceptional equipment. So, when we reached Egypt, I' ve been also impressed with the tropical climate because it's warm there and this climate is appropriate to go out for parades or shoppings. Although we encounter some problems to exchange with egyptians who spoke in majority in arab language because most of the time, you had to look for somebody to translate it in english, I can't forget also the few days I spent in Egypt. Especially when they organise some convoys to visit pharaohs and sphinx sites. Egyptians are also very welcomed people. In Egypt, you could also see beautiful buildings and hotels.
At least I did some shoppings in handycrafts markets where I bought some souvenirs like shirts, paintings and some other handycrafts I kept also for my borthers ans sisters. If they offer me again the same opportunity, I'd not hesitate to back again there.
Have a nice day.
Régine Pulchérie MEMONG

Submitted by VanessaGutierrez on Thu, 31/08/2023 - 13:04


Last year I went to Cuzco in Peru, I enjoyed that trip because I could visited many places and learn about another culture.

Helo Vanessa, I really wanna visit that place. I have heard awesome stories from friends and I think it would be my next spot to start planning a visit.