1. Are you good at interviews?

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Interviews are a chance for you to show your personality and strengths. But perhaps that's easier said than done. Do you think you are good at interviews?

Here is what some of our team said.

Depends on what the interview has been for! For me, I'm quite comfortable in those kinds of situations because, first of all, I've found the questions are all quite similar. I try and always prepare in advance by researching the company, so that I've got an idea of what they do. Second, I also try and treat them like a person and not someone I should be scared of. So I guess I try and be myself as much as possible. 

Not really. I have had some successful interviews but a lot of unsuccessful ones as well. I find it hard to think quickly and clearly when I'm nervous, and I never know if my answer is what the interviewers are expecting to hear. But I would say that preparing well is a great help. I'd definitely like to improve my interview skills.

I really don't like interviews. I find them very stressful so I don't think I'm good at them. I need to work very hard to do well in an interview and I have to really focus, prepare a lot and practise a lot because I don't think I'm naturally good at interviews at all.

Here are some of the phrases they used. Some of these might be useful when you express your own opinion.

  • (It) depends on … 
  • I'm quite [comfortable] in those kinds of situations.
  • I try and be myself.
  • I would say that [preparing well is a great help].
  • I find it hard to [think quickly].
  • I find them [very stressful].
  • I don't think I'm naturally good at interviews at all.

How about you?

  • Are you good at interviews?
  • Tell us about an interview that you had. What questions were you asked? How did you feel? How did it go?

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Submitted by Elyoo on Sat, 25/11/2023 - 07:42


Not all of the time, some interviews are stressfully and in some of them I feel like a dancer and this feeling is good for me, I think this feeling is from the workplace and the interviewerز Therefore, I believe that it is a collaborative process between the two parties during the interview

Submitted by HadeelKR99 on Wed, 22/11/2023 - 11:08


I don't like interviews, I didn't try them before , maybe because there is no experience that is why I feel stressful of them .

Submitted by ahmed71233 on Sun, 19/11/2023 - 07:07


I have many interviews in my major, telecommunication engineer, for get position. Now, I'll wait for result and I hope God will help me to improve my self and define myself probably.

Submitted by Loly on Fri, 17/11/2023 - 07:36


I recently graduated from college so I just have 3 interviews , the first one was too terrible I talked to much and I wasn’t prepared but the second very disappointing I prepared and I was so excited to get the job but when she started asking questions the silence took place and also I forgot my university after that the third one was so good 😍

Hi Loly,

Well done for that third interview, it sounds promising! How did it go?

It sounds like you've gained a lot of interview experience in a short time.


LearnEnglish team

Submitted by Naryman on Thu, 16/11/2023 - 23:56


first of all, i had a bad experience of interview the worst one was at english learning center they had to level me but i did so bad because i didn't prepare for that at all which is really awful when i just remember that moment i feel shame and hilarious at the same time but i always say to myself it's okay mariam you've already learnt from this situation and get better so from this moment i started to work on myself and still, hoping to improve and be influented.
please if there is any grammar mistake could you tell me? i'll be grateful.

Hello Mariam,

That's a good attitude! There's no point in pretending we have a different level and we can learn so much from mistakes.

I'm afraid we don't correct our users' texts, but what I would recommend is that you break the paragraph into 3 or 4 sentences.

LearnEnglish team

Submitted by Hilar on Thu, 16/11/2023 - 09:47


i have been interviewed before and the place i interviewed were at schools, clubs or shop ( coffee, restaurants,..) For me, the interview was not diffitcult cause i answered the questions the interviewer asked me and during the interview process i expressed myself confidenttly and calmly.

Submitted by Juemyathtike on Thu, 16/11/2023 - 08:18


I've had a lot of unsuccessful interviews before.I got stress so much and I fail again and again.Then, I got lost what I want to do. They said I was young for their position and I haven't any experience. Finally, I've passed the interview from online. I felt so happy for this and I've recently work that job for four months until now. My dream job is not the same as my current job. It's funny but I enjoy my current job position.

Submitted by whox on Tue, 14/11/2023 - 21:06


I'm not good at interviews at all. I'm very shy, and those situations are very stressful for me. I can't see interviews as something where both sides are equal but I still trying to break this rule in my head despite I had quite good experiences with interviews. I had typical questions on interviews for example about my future and my position for the next five years.

Profile picture for user noriegacj

Submitted by noriegacj on Fri, 10/11/2023 - 16:27


I like the interview but depend of the topics. I am more comfortable when I talk about my personal experience and skills.

Submitted by Ali Sabry on Fri, 10/11/2023 - 08:24


I've given an interview one week ago and it went well. The interviewer told me that I had done a very nice job. What made me upset that day was that I received a feedback telling me to work on my fluency and my pronunciation and grammar are good. Most of my friends got accepted except for me. This time, I'm preparing harder and smarter. Hopefully, next week I will get accepted and meet my friends who had been accepted.

Hi, Ali Sabry.
If you want to say that your interview was one week ago, you should use the Past Simple (I gave).

Hi madani-khalid,

I just wanted to let you know that we have some articles that you may be interested to read.

I can hear from your voice message that you can speak pretty clearly and fluently, though!


LearnEnglish team

Hi Jonathan,
I can tell you that I can understand all things but I have a big problem in speaking with others, I feel that i have lack of confidence to talk with others and haven't a long conversations
Khalid Madani

Hi Brian_503854,

Tough luck, but keep your head up! Everyone has had experiences like those in their professional life, so no worries. Maybe you can reflect on those interviews and find the way to do well next time. Have you already identified some things to improve?


LearnEnglish team

Hello, Jonathan. Thank you for encouraging me. To answer your question, Yes I have. I know what my problems are. But I think it would be hard to improve them because they are all related to my nature. The only way might be to pratice more and more.