1. What's your favourite season?

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Tina: So I've got to say I love all the seasons. Am I allowed to say that? I know that's a bit cheeky because you're meant to just say about one. But spring, I just love it when the sort of the flowers start coming out and all the buds in the trees and all the blossom. Summer, just a bit of warmth, a bit of sun on your face is just glorious. And swimming in the sea, can't beat it. Autumn, you cannot beat the colours in the trees, especially in the UK and Europe. They're just a delight. And then winter, I love it when it's sort of crispy in the morning, clear blue skies and you can see your breath coming out of your mouth, but you're all sort of cosy with lots of winter clothes on. So yeah, gotta say, love all the seasons that we have. 

Kevan: My favourite season is winter. I love the snow and I love it when I get the chance to go up in the mountains and do some snowboarding. 

Elena: My favourite season is spring because the weather is perfect for doing every activities outside such as having a walk in the park or also some trips. And the days are longer and the flowers are blooming, so that is why I really love this season. 

Joanne: My favourite season has got to be summer. I really love warm, sunny weather, going to the beach and being on holiday. 

Sally: I think all the seasons have, like, positive things about them, but for me I think that autumn is my favourite season, and the reason I'm saying that is because I was in Britain in the north of England recently in autumn, and it was amazing. I went for a walk in the woods and there were leaves, all the leaves had fallen off the trees and they were all different colours like red, orange, yellow, sort of golden-brown colours, and it was misty and it was drizzling, sort of that really fine rain, and it was fantastic. If you're wearing the right clothes, it doesn't matter if it's cold and raining. I love it. 

Joanna: When I lived in Brazil, I lived in Fortaleza, and it's near the equator, so there were no seasons. And I had the most amazing year of sunshine. It was summer every day. But at the end of the year, I decided I actually quite missed the seasons. I do like the change of seasons. But I'd love to hear from some of our learners on LearnEnglish who live in countries where they don't have seasons. How's that?

Listen to some of our colleagues and friends talking about their favourite season.

Here are some of the things they said:

  • Warm, sunny weather
  • Clear blue skies
  • The flowers are blooming and the days are longer.
  • It was misty and drizzling ... that really fine rain.
  • I love it when I get the chance to go up into the mountains.
  • A bit of sun on your face is just glorious!

We'd love to hear from you

  • What's your favourite season?

  • Why do you like it?


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Submitted by Rong-ge on Tue, 02/04/2024 - 15:20


I think my favorite one is Spring. In Spring I can see flowers are blooming under the sun and  the temperature is warming that make me comfortable. Also I can do some activities like cycling , playing badminton and flying kites in the evening.

Submitted by ranifithra on Tue, 26/03/2024 - 09:41


I live in Indonesia, and in Indonesia we don't have autumn spring and winter, we just have summer and rainy, but now with the climate change rainy is the most happens, but still i love rainy days as long as it come in the weekends hehe

But for summer i love it too, summer here can be so hot, in every Indonesia's part have a different temperature, so we kind a have "love hate relationship" with the season here in Indonesia. But i don't know i never doing a survey though, maybe some Indonesians love summer, maybe some love rainy, for me i just trying to relish it

Hi Brian_503854,

Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean. I don't like the cold so much, and during the winter I always look forward to the spring when the days become warm again and the sun shines. The weather is beautiful at the moment, where I live.

How about you? What's your least favourite season?


LearnEnglish team

My least favorite season is summer. It's sizzling hot and humid during summer here. On that season, I am very easy to feel unpleasant and get lost my temper. I know that's my fault but, I guess it's due to the hot weather somewhat.

Profile picture for user Miebaj

Submitted by Miebaj on Mon, 25/03/2024 - 09:47



I'm from Denmark where we have four sesons, and every one of them can be special. Right now we have spring, and i love to see the grass growing and hear the birds start singing again. The days getting longer, and I really enjoy the energi there comes from the sun and the power it gives to everything there might grow in this time of the year.

Hi Miebaj,

I feel the same! I'm so happy to see the plants and flowers in the park growing and blossoming. The other day I saw some birds building new nests, which was really nice. I also feel energised by the nature around me.

How's the weather now where you are?


LearnEnglish team

Profile picture for user MeSara

Submitted by MeSara on Mon, 25/03/2024 - 09:31


I live in the Netherlands and here we have four seasons in one day. 

Hi MeSara,

That must make it difficult to prepare for your day ahead :) Is it like that just at the moment, or all year round?


LearnEnglish team

Hi PhyuThwal034,

That's nice, it seems like you are pretty active in winter! What is the temperature like in winter, where you are? How cold does it get? For me, I often just stay at home as much as I can.


LearnEnglish team

Profile picture for user ThomazBarreto

Submitted by ThomazBarreto on Sat, 23/03/2024 - 19:58


I live in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, and my favorite season is spring, I am an athlete who likes surfing, kite surfing and hang gliding, and at this time here in Rio de Janeiro the weather conditions are very favorable with lots of thermals (hang gliding), wind (kite surf) and waves....

Profile picture for user hazelamlerol86

Submitted by hazelamlerol86 on Sat, 23/03/2024 - 07:27



I'm from the Philippines, here we have two weather either sunny or rainy, I love both of them, but the most I love sunny day, since I love Hiking, and trekking. 

Submitted by Meyvelin on Fri, 22/03/2024 - 16:21


My favorite season is the summer because the weather is warm, and I love traveling to the beach and enjoy the sea, my kids love swimming in the pool. The weather is perfect for a vacation. 

Submitted by Tamunchik-555 on Thu, 21/03/2024 - 12:16


I live in Georgia, so my country has all 4 seasons. And I love them all because each one is beautiful in its own unique way.

But my favorite season is a spring. 

Spring is a time when nature is getting alive, and I am also getting alive with them.

The spring is bringing life to the nature, and I am also becoming a part of it.

On a spring morning, it is impossible not to get up early and enjoy the singing of birds.

Profile picture for user laura_vanmart

Submitted by laura_vanmart on Thu, 21/03/2024 - 00:07


Hi! In my country, there are only two seasons: summer and winter. I love winter, this season is incredible because the wind blows, the leaves on the trees move and the day is cool most of the time. Besides, it's a good time to wear warm clothes.

Submitted by itzzsuhana18 on Wed, 20/03/2024 - 13:12



Actually i have two favourite seasons one is winter because it´s cozy and i like cold weather a lot. And I also do like spring, because then the days are longer.

Submitted by PauletteP on Wed, 20/03/2024 - 10:43


I think all seasons are beautiful but my favorite season is spring.
the days are longer, the temperature is good, not too hot.
life is sweet.

Profile picture for user Lalasenglish

Submitted by Lalasenglish on Wed, 20/03/2024 - 02:47


My favorite season is summer. In summer my parents are usually in their annual leave, so I can spend a lot of time with them. Futhermore I love sea, I love to visit different historical places like museums. In summer I have more chance to do my favorite activitie.

Submitted by mparedes on Mon, 18/03/2024 - 15:12


Hello everyone!

I live in Spain and my favorite season is autumn. Here, in Spain, the temperature is magnificent: the sweltering heat disappears (I hate summer), and is not too cold, and the colors of nature are beautiful. 

Profile picture for user Teacup_M

Submitted by Teacup_M on Mon, 18/03/2024 - 06:34


Hello, everyone. I live in Japan. First of all, my answer is that I cannot decide the best season, specifically my country.

Let me explain in more detail!
In my country, there are all four seasons. And there are different temperatures even though within the same country. The most northest city's winter season temperature is - 3 or -4 (Maximum). On the other hand, the most southest place's winter season temperature is 18 or 19 (Maximum).
Japan is a small island, but it is a different environment to live in each district, especially in temperature!

Therefore, there are a variety of things in all four seasons such as going skiing, seeing blooming cherry blossom trees, climbing mountains with beautiful colourful leaves, and taking a hot spring with wild monkeys (sometimes!) .
So I like all seasons at the same time I cannot decide on one specific season.  

Profile picture for user Sou28

Submitted by Sou28 on Mon, 18/03/2024 - 06:17


 I love autumn,  it is nice season, I feel it is like sane persone, moderate in every thing, heat, cold, wind, it is peaceful season. 

Submitted by Thabsp on Fri, 15/03/2024 - 18:38


I live in São Paulo -Brazil, and my favourite season is Autumn, because the sky uses to be blue without clouds, the temperature is warm, and there´s no rain constantly. We wears hoodies with sunglasses! It´s a very nice days to take a walk on the parks. When I lived in Italy, my favourite season was Summer, because people loves to enjoy outside, and there may ways of to refresh, drinking an Aperol Spritz, or going to the beach on Sardegna.

Submitted by User_1 on Fri, 15/03/2024 - 15:35



Since I love the sea, and swimming in the sea, my favorite season is summer.
By the seaside, the match between the clear blue sky and the deep blue sea is a wonderful sight.
I am also keen on spring, with blooming flowers and longer days, warm and sunny weather over cold seasons, 
even if the downside is when it is too hot.
As Tina said: "swimming in the sea, can't beat it"