2. Famous writers

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We asked some people from different countries to tell us about their favourite writers. This is what they said.

JRR Tolkien

My favorite author is JRR Tolkien. The world he described in The Lord of the Rings is marvellous and magnificent. He depicted another history of us, and created new languages and legends. It's like a symphony to me: it has a variety of elements such as imaginary races, battles, love stories, heroes and adventures. These elements are well in harmony in it.
Rie, Japan

James Hadley Chase

He was a famous English writer who went by many pseudonyms. James Hadley Chase was probably the most commonly used. With 90 books to his name, Chase was one of the best thriller writers ever. The Guilty Are Afraid was the first book I read. Since then, I've been lucky enough to read 83 books, which were simply fascinating and unputdownable. He had an uncanny ability to keep the reader in suspense and guessing right throughout. It is often suggested that he did a great favour to us all by being an author over a criminal mastermind!
Sri, Sri Lanka

Sarah J Maas

I discovered Sarah J Maas, my favourite author, through TikTok, and she quickly captivated me with her enthralling narratives. My favourite book of hers, A Court of Thorns and Roses, also known as ACOTAR, holds a special place in my heart. It stands out with its irresistible blend of fantasy, fae lore and magical powers that effortlessly transports me into its vibrant world. What I love most about it is Maas's skilful use of witty banter. This element adds depth and relatability to her characters.
Zina, Tunisia

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is one of my favourite authors. He is known for writing philosophical and inspirational books. His books are often related to topics such as spirituality and self-discovery. I enjoy reading his books because they are often thought-provoking and inspire me to reflect on my own life. His books are inspiring, motivating and make us think more deeply about how to understand ourselves and the world around us.
Dragana, Bulgaria

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is one of the most iconic English classical novelists. He wrote several novels, such as Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, and many more. The most attractive feature in his works was his way of writing, describing and narrating the novels. He made the reader imagine the situations the characters were facing because of his precise, detailed description of the plot. Additionally, he chose perfect names for his characters, which made them memorable. The topics he chose to discuss in his novels depict the struggles of daily life, but in the end the reader finds a happy ending.
Aiah, Egypt

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  • Tell us about a well-known writer.
  • What sort of books, plays or poetry do they, or did they, write? 
  • Do you like their work? Why or why not?
  • What do you know about their life?
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Submitted by Paulitamonna on Thu, 04/04/2024 - 13:18


I couldn't agree more with Rie's comment about JRR Tolkien, he's one of my favourite authors, along with Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Julio Cortázar and many more. 

I'd like to tell you about a well-known writer from Argentina: Jorge Luis Borges. He wrote short stories, essays and poems. I'm a big fan of his work and I read a lot of it during my school years and university as well. "Fictions" and "The Aleph" are my favourite books, which are collections of short stories about dreams, fantasy, mystery, mythology, and similar topics.

Borges was born in Buenos Aires in 1899. When he was 10 years old he was already bilingual in Spanish and English, he translated Oscar Wilde's The happy prince to Spanish and it was published in a local newspaper. He became blind by the age of 55 but continued writing with the assistance of a secretary or friends. He was listed among the candidates for the Nobel prize in Literature several times. He died in Geneva in 1986.

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Submitted by 81Joy on Thu, 04/04/2024 - 05:55

  • Tell us about a well-known writer.
  • Lewis Karoll , British writer
  • What sort of books, plays or poetry do they, or did they, write? 
  • His famous book is Alice's Adventures in Wondland.
  • Do you like their work? Why or why not?
  • I enjoy "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", I am reading and watching different versions of this book and films.I like this story because I saw Alice ,a young girl, grow into a refined lady.
  • What do you know about their life?
  • Lewis Karoll was writer s pen name ,His real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.He was born in 1832.01.27 and he died in 1898.1.14.He was studying Oxford University.

Submitted by shakespeareindabed on Thu, 04/04/2024 - 01:16

  • Tell us about a well-known writer.

    He's well known but at the same time my favorite. I just love his works, his style and his creative imagination. He's George RR Martin! 


  • What sort of books, plays or poetry do they, or did they, write? 

He writes fantasy novels. He wrote the infamous- A Series of Ice and Fire. 


  • Do you like their work? Why or why not?

    Absolutely! I'm a fan. 


  • What do you know about their life?

    That he has a blog called "Not a Blog". 😃

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Submitted by RRogick on Mon, 01/04/2024 - 22:40

  • Tell us about a well-known writer.

The most well-known Brazilian writer is Machado de Assis, a novelist, poet, playwright, and short story writer who explored themes such as class dynamics, human nature, and relationships.

  • What sort of books, plays or poetry do they, or did they, write?

Some of his most famous works were "Dom Casmurro," "Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas", and "Quincas Borba."

  • Do you like their work? Why or why not?

I used to hate it, because I was obligated to read those books at school, when I was too young to appreciate them. Later, I read them again and liked it a lot. 

  • What do you know about their life?

I know that Machado de Assis (1839 – 1908) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was raised in a very poor family of mixed-race heritage, had little access to formal education, and despite that, he liked to read and write a lot, what made him a good  journalist, then a famous writer who turned to be one of the most celebrated literary figures in Brazilian and Portuguese literature. 

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Submitted by Muqtadirul on Mon, 01/04/2024 - 21:33


Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek is a renowned author, motivational speaker, and organizational consultant known for his insights on leadership and inspiration. He gained widespread recognition for his TED Talk and subsequent book, "Start with Why," which emphasizes the importance of purpose-driven leadership. Sinek's work often delves into topics such as business strategy, communication, and human behavior. While he isn't known for writing plays or poetry, his books are highly regarded in the business and self-improvement genres. Many admire Sinek's ability to articulate complex ideas in a clear and compelling manner, making his work accessible to a broad audience. His emphasis on the power of purpose and authentic leadership resonates with many readers and listeners. Regarding his life, Simon Sinek was born in England, raised in South Africa, and later moved to the United States. He studied law at London's City University but eventually found his passion in the field of leadership and organizational development. Sinek's experiences and observations have shaped his unique perspective on leadership, which continues to influence individuals and organizations worldwide.

Submitted by Khadeeja24 on Mon, 01/04/2024 - 19:56


J.R.R Tolkien

He's written many fantasy books, and a full history as well, he's written many poems .

I'm fond of his works, he really knows how to use words that suit every character and situation, using old, middle and new styles of writing, Complecated and basic statements .

I like how the whole lore is talking about fate .

I also like the world building so much .

He was born in south Africa and thus moved to Britain, he really struggled in his life but all these struggles have built his personality and shaped his mind, at last he's got a family and a calm life full of great achievements .

Submitted by Adane Getachew on Mon, 01/04/2024 - 16:53


Agatha Christie 

She is my favorite writer for many years. I have first read her translated works to my language, Amharic, but then I had the privilege of reading her novels and plays in English. She is the best in crime stories, I believe. And I enjoyed and perplexed by all these stories.

Adane, Ethiopia

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Submitted by assuntaboscarino on Mon, 01/04/2024 - 13:02


Lots of favourites of course! The first who pops up is Margaret Atwood. Her portarait of the dystopian society in Gilead in her stunning A Handmaid’s tale is more than a warning. It is so morbid and riveting that you cannot do but keep on reading. The choice of the words is such a challenge to a non-native speaker like me and fosters a deeper and deeper dive into the language 

Submitted by maryflh23 on Mon, 01/04/2024 - 12:33


Haruki Murakami, one of the most popular contemporary writers, is my favorite author. His novels have a surreal feeling to them and the characters are complicated just to the point that you would find it exciting to read every time. The Wild Sheep Chase, Dance Dance Dance, and Kafka on the Shore are my top three choices from his works.