4. What are you watching these days?

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Jo: So I've just watched Big Little Lies. I've just finished the second series, and it is totally amazing! Erm, now I don't know what to watch because nothing is as good. Erm, it's got mystery, it's got murder. It's about a group of women whose children are all the same age and go to the same school, so there's some competitiveness between the parents, there's rumours and gossip in the town where they live. And there's also murder and lots of dark secrets that people are hiding. So it looks like they have these perfect lives, they're obviously extremely wealthy, but under the surface there's all kinds of things going on, which you discover as the series goes on. So, completely amazing! The characters have got real depth, there's lots to discover and the actors are amazing. So if you haven't seen it, I'm actually quite jealous because you're in for a real treat and I've got nothing to watch now.

Jonathan: At the moment I'm watching a game show called Physical 100. So, there are 100 people and they play against each other in some games. And they get eliminated one by one until there's only one left. Like, one of the games is, there's a heavy object and they have to hold it above their head without letting it fall to the ground. But it's a massive rock instead of this. It's really good and it's inspired me to do some exercise. Physical 100.

Joanne: So a series that I watch nearly every week, and it's on regular TV, not on a streaming platform – and it's a travel documentary, so, I really like watching this because I can get to see lots of different places. The presenter goes to a different place every week and talks to people that live there. So, sometimes they're places quite near to where I live and it gives me ideas of places to visit, and other times they're places on the other side of the world and although I know I'll probably never, ever go there, I get to know a little bit about the country, and the landscape and the culture and the people that live there. 

Joanna: I'm watching a series at the moment called Happy Valley. It's a British crime drama, erm it's set in West Yorkshire, and the characters are absolutely brilliant. The main character is a policewoman called Catherine Cawood, who's played by the actress Sarah Lancashire. And she's such a good character. She's always in the middle of the action, she solves all the crimes, she used to be a detective. There's lots going on with her family, but she's just a really brilliant character. I'd recommend it.

Kirk: I really enjoyed this series called Carmen Curlers, which tells the story of a group of people in Denmark in the 60s and 70s who worked to create the first curling irons (of all things!) that people could use at home. Really, it's a story of the people and their families and the[ir] trials and tribulations. It's got elements of musical[s] because people break out dancing sometimes, which is not something I normally enjoy, but it really works in this. I highly recommend it. Carmen Curlers.

Over to you

  • What series have you been watching recently?
  • Have you seen any of the series anyone mentions? Reply and let them know!
  • Can you recommend a series for others to watch?

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Submitted by Felizisonfire on Tue, 09/07/2024 - 09:50


I'm not watching anything currently and I don't feel like watching any movies. I just watch YouTube videos randomly. But there's a series I enjoyed watching when I was in university. It's called 'Thirteen Reasons Why' and it's got 4 seasons as long as I could remember. In that series, you can learn the different opinions and perspectives of each character. And it also kept me on the edge of my seat whenever I set the ball rolling to watch it. You might like to watch it if you're a teenager or want to know what is mostly happening to the teenagers and what they are in their mind and if you wonder about their different perspectives.

Submitted by deswita_orb on Tue, 09/07/2024 - 06:24


I Have been watched anime movie the tittle is spiritted away. Yeahh I have seen the series  the tittle is The Avatar The last airbender live action on the netflix is such good action series. and I recomended u guys wathcing Bridgerton series on the netflix.


Profile picture for user victorsolozabal

Submitted by victorsolozabal on Tue, 02/07/2024 - 13:58


At the moment I am watching Sex And The City, I like it cause it makes me relax and see how things used to be some years ago, what has changed and what hasn't. I have not seen any of the series mentioned by them but some of them I will give it a try for sure. I would recommend you guys who like watching crime series, investigations,  and intrigue to watch Safe on Netflix.

Submitted by mariahmoreira on Tue, 02/07/2024 - 13:56


I'm watching The Atypical Family which is a fantasy romance, it tells the story of a family whit superpowers, they lose their powers so they are trying to find a way to recover it. No, I have never seen any of the series they mentioned.
I recommend the series Outer Banks, It's a really good series that is very interesting.

Submitted by Mira-nda on Wed, 26/06/2024 - 07:32


I am not  watching any series lately, as generally find some interesting series or films at least family friendly is hard🙂 I have watched "sherlock " and  would say liked it. " friends " was funny as well. 

Submitted by deen on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 15:13


the last series that i watched is Grey's Anatomy. although i didn't watch it from the first season but i'm still understand the storyline. you know there is a series or films that you didn't watched it from the first season and u didn't understand the storyline.

Submitted by Yousra99 on Tue, 04/04/2023 - 06:51


I waching thes days egybtion series it's good until now .

Submitted by lahirish on Mon, 03/04/2023 - 17:27


I recently watched the movie "Detachment". It was released in 2011 starring Adrien Brody and directed by Tony Kaye. The heart touching plot was was written by Carl Lund.
It says the moving story of a young teacher who has his own emotional baggage. During the course of the movies he touches the soles of his unreachable students as the new substitute english teacher in his own way unknowingly. Unfortunately he couldn't help all of them as he was also fighting his own battle.

Actually this movie is an eye opener to the emotional emptiness of people who live in this well developed , modern world.

Acting of Adrien Broody is one of the best acting I have ever seen.
It's one of the movies you must watch in your lifetime.

Hi Muskaaaan,

It sounds like an inspiring story. I liked the fact that although the story is about hardships in the main character's life, you mentioned that it still has some comedic and light-hearted moments. I know what you mean about noticing the differences between now and then. If it was made in the early 2000s, I guess a lot has changed since then. When I watch films or shows that were made some time ago, I am always curious to notice any words or phrases people said then that we no longer say today!

Do you like watching series and movies from that time period?


LearnEnglish team

Submitted by Roocio on Fri, 17/03/2023 - 19:53


What series have you been watching recently?
Have you seen any of the series anyone mentions? Reply and let them know!
Can you recommend a series for others to watch?

The last serie that I have seen was YOU from Netflix and I fiished it. Also, I am watching American Horror Story.
I have not seen any of the series that was mention.
A serie that I recommend is Heartstopper. It is an amazing series because it shows the sides of lgbtq+ teenagers with a healthy and happily manner.

Profile picture for user Umar Hammad

Submitted by Umar Hammad on Fri, 17/03/2023 - 08:15


hey every one nowadays i watch the money hiest series which is from Netflix its very outclass and its story is different from the previous series there is a story about a bank robbery in Spain and how they found gold and how they fight out with armed forces and police how they get all gold from filthy water canale amazing there is a professor named a man how planed all robbery and he gathers poor and very needy person for this robbery he trained them all scenes are good and I feel so good to see it

well, I have finished watching the series Virgin River. The main character is a young woman, a nurse, who after the loss of her husband moves to a little town in the mountains. At first she encountered some difficulties among the inhabitants, but after few weeks she met a man who is the owner of the village café and makes more friends.She becomes the assistant of the old local doctor and then there are many emergency cases. The best thing are the landscapes that are familiar to me.

Submitted by sido24 on Tue, 14/03/2023 - 12:56


hello hope my comment will find you well
Am that kind of person that want to look up on a different taste and not seeking to follow everything are trend and my preferred serie ever is {the rain} that are talking about an extremely changes in the Atmosphere of earth and how all people died because of hot rain which felled with chemicals that burn every life on earth that refers to the climate changes outputs that`s will makes human not hesitating about the future of the planet
thanks for reading this
sido dz
learning hubs

Profile picture for user Andres Felipe Murillo Ayala

Submitted by Andres Felipe … on Sat, 11/03/2023 - 03:54


These days, I am watching "The Walking Dead" people always told me that it was a great series, but I didn't start to watch it until last year, now I am in the season 5. People were right about it, it is a great series!

Hi Jsambia,

Good to hear from you. Watching series is a really enjoyable way to practise English and improve listening skills!

Best wishes,


LearnEnglish team

Hi Jo,
Relating to your comment and how it is important to practise English, could you tell me how being an English native speaker makes you feel?
As English is the most widely-used language globally, I would like to know your thoughts about it.

Hi User_1,

Thanks for your comment! As a native speaker, I feel very lucky that I can use English to communicate with people all over the world. I really enjoy reading everyone's comments here in the Learning hub. I know how difficult it can be sometimes learning other languages and how much practice it takes. I've learned French and German and now I'm trying to learn Spanish. It can be hard to improve your level and it takes time and effort! What's your native language, and how does it make you feel?

Best wishes,


LearnEnglish team

Hi Jo,
Thanks for your reply.
As you are a native speaker, I can only imagine how you feel lucky.
Yes, learning a second language takes time and effort, so I am glad you share this with me.
Being English the most widely-used language, for you to learn other languages is just for choice, hobby or passion.
Instead, for non - English speakers, learning English is a sort of "must" to have more opportunities in this international world.
My native language is Italian, and that doesn’t make me feel lucky.
In your opinion, what is the biggest difficulty in learning English?
Best wishes

Hi User_1,

I know what you mean, but I don't think native speakers of English who live in countries where English isn't a native language have a real choice not to learn the local language or languages. It's possible, but a huge mistake in my opinion.

Also, although I'm not unhappy about being a native speaker of English, I can think of some disadvantages.

One is that it's difficult to hear the 'music' of English. Every language has its own sound, but understanding the language makes it difficult to hear. I wish I could hear the music of English. I can hear it a little bit when I listen to speakers of other varieties (Scottish people, for example, or Australians), but it's not the same.

Another is that, unless you get lots of practice speaking with non-native speakers, it can make communication with non-native speakers difficult. Many times I think a French person and a Korean person can speak to each other more easily (in English) than a French person with an English person, for example. This is because native speakers don't realise what is difficult about their own language. One remedy for this is studying another language, but even then it takes practice to learn to communicate in a way that is clear for everyone.

Your native language is your birthright and it's a shame that so many languages are going extinct around the world. This is a real tragedy, not just for the people who speak these languages, but for everyone.

I'd encourage everyone whose native language isn't English to speak their native language (or languages) with pride and to protect them. I understand that learning English takes a lot of time and effort, and that speaking it well confers a lot of advantages. But my feeling is that everyone should keep true to their heritage.

Anyway, that's what I think.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish team

Hi Kirk,
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
As native speakers of English, I didn’t think you had any disadvantages.
Of course, I am proud of my mother tongue, but I have tried to explain how a non-international language can be felt as a limit.
For example, in my comments, I don't know how many mistakes I make.
Anyway, the fact is your language has the power that other languages don't have.
Best wishes

Hello User_1,

I'm glad to hear it and thank you for being so active in the comments. Our hope is that people will write to each other a lot because it's such a great way to practise and improve.

The fact that we're having this discussion and understanding each other shows that your English is very good!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish team

Hello Kirk,
Really? Thanks for your feedback. I didn’t expect it.
Your learning hub is a real chance to practise English, especially when there is a reply from the team.
Best wishes