5. Reflection on seasons

Reflection on seasons


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Submitted by Teacup_M on Mon, 18/03/2024 - 07:55


I like the topic. Thank you for giving us a good opportunity. 

This is just my perspective, I reckon we tend to spend as just a time for seasons. 
But I realised again there are many things in each season when I think about it deeply.
Also, many countries have different environments. 

There are many countries in the world, so people would be able to see their own home town from different angles. It is so lovely, and amazing. 

Besides, English(language) can connect to our world, which is also amazing! 
I love the English world. 

Submitted by torpido on Sun, 17/03/2024 - 12:39


I can say I like this topic for giving me the chance to look backwards on basic steps that I learned but never thought about it twice.

I knew nearly all glossary of the topic but found 2 words I should practice pronunciation.

I am practising writing now which I should practice the most. Since I am a Turkish person and learned English as my second language when I was 16, I sometimes build english sentences with my Turkish  language voice which sounds okey for me, but at second glance I realize it does not sound natural in English.

It's the writing part.