6. Reflection on gratitude

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Submitted by Adane Getachew on Tue, 27/12/2022 - 15:41


It is a very nice course, it evokes feelings and lets us share them and know something along the way. Thank you!

Submitted by Yesicalmp on Sat, 10/12/2022 - 03:25


I like this topic, I realy enjoy sharing my feeling about it. I found this topic interesting because I can learn more about celebrations.

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Submitted by ALEJA230981 on Wed, 30/11/2022 - 02:22


Definitely I like this kind of topics where I force to rethinking and expres feelings.
Thanks a lot of !!!

Hello Aleja and ore,

We're glad to hear you found it useful to do this, and thanks for sharing your experience.

The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by ore on Sat, 26/11/2022 - 14:31


Yeah, I think that this topic is very nice. it always is good talk about the feelings in a class.