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Around the world, we go through four main seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is when everything starts coming back to life after winter, with flowers blooming and temperatures warming up. Summer is all about sunny days, outdoor fun and sometimes sweltering heat! Autumn brings a beautiful tapestry of colourful leaves and cooler weather, leading into winter, when things get chilly and we might see snowfall, depending on where we live. Each season has its own vibe and activities.

To participate in this topic, you can:

  • listen to people talking about their favourite season, and then tell us about yours
  • listen to Tina describing the view from her window, then share an image of your own view from
    your window and tell us about it
  • watch and listen to a famous poem by William Wordsworth – I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
  • complete a short quiz about idioms related to different seasons. 

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