Valentine's Day

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Hello, so, welcome to the Learning hub, which is a space where you can put your English into practice, into action, use the English you know to interact with other users and participate as much as possible. So this is your space, and the topic, this new topic, is Valentine's Day. So, find out what Valentine's Day is exactly, and how it's traditionally celebrated if you don't celebrate it in your country, and we'll be talking to members of our team, the LearnEnglish team, to find out if they celebrate it and what they think about Valentine's Day. So, we want to know your opinions on that and there'll also be a chance to talk about our favourite love songs and favourite romantic films. So lots of lovely recommendations that I'm hoping to read and listen to from you, and we can share some of our favourites. So, looking forward to hearing and reading your comments later. I hope you enjoy the topic.

Are you in a romantic mood? Because love is in the air! This topic is all about Valentine's Day on 14 February, a traditional celebration of romantic love.

In this topic we're talking about how the day is traditionally celebrated, what some of the members of our team think about Valentine's Day, and we'll be asking you to tell us about your favourite love song. There's also a chance to practise your writing to tell us about your favourite romantic film.

So, join us and put your English into practice by taking part in this topic. There's a chance to practise your speaking and record a comment for us. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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