What kinds of films do you like?

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Joanne: Hi there, everyone. I'm here with some of the members of the LearnEnglish team, and we're talking about films and series today. So, I'd just like to know what type of films and series you enjoy watching. What about you, Jo?

Jo: It's difficult to say. I watch all sorts of different films and things. I really like science fiction. I love a true crime, a good true crime documentary. That tends to be more series. Um, anything. Anything that's good and interesting.

Joanne: I'm not a big science fiction fan really myself.

Jo: Are you not?

Joanne: No, science fiction, horror and fantasy a little bit. But I tend to like more the kind of real-life stories with real people. 

Jo: I think horror, if it's kind of more of a psychological thriller. I hate it when you know it's going to make you jump. And you're just waiting for that, like …! 

Joanne: What about you, Kirk? What kind of films or series are you into? 

Kirk: Well, similar to you two. Really, I mean, if it's something with a story, with characters that are facing some problem or working on something together. You know, I like science fiction, but I have to admit I think there's few science fiction films that do a good job of that. But, um, like Jo, anything where there's something real happening that you can relate to in some way. Um, and yeah, I don't really like horror films. I used to watch them a bit more, but especially now, like a slasher film, I have no interest whatsoever.

Joanne: It's not your cup of tea any more.

Kirk: No.

Joanne: What about you, Joanna? Do you agree with us? Or have you got a different type of film or series that you like watching?

Joanna: Um, I really don't like horror films, I'm with you all in that. I like films with a really good storyline and really nice, good characters that you can believe in. Like real-life-type stories that you can get into. And biographical films, documentaries, yep, all the real, a good story, told in …

Joanne: OK, I think we all agree, then, that we like to have a good story when we watch a film or series. So, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what type of films and series do you like watching? Are there types that you don't like at all? And, yep, we're looking forward to reading your comments. See you later. 


In this video, the LearnEnglish team talk about the type of films and series they enjoy watching, and some types they don't like at all.

Here are some of the things they said.

  • I really like science fiction.
  • I love a good true crime documentary.
  • I like anything that's good and interesting.
  • I like films with a really good storyline and characters that you can believe in.
  • I'm not a big science fiction fan.
  • I hate it when you know it’s going to make you jump!
  • I don't really like horror films.

Over to you

  • What kind of films and series do you enjoy watching?
  • Do you like the same kind of films and series as someone else? Reply and let them know.

Write or record a comment. Remember that communicating with others is a great way to improve your English! 

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Submitted by Esneyder Riveros on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 03:07


I like all kinds of movies but I like more the horror and fantasy ones, in the series I like the love ones.

Hi Esneyder Riveros, 
I love to watch horror films too or ones that make me jump out of my skin, so maybe they are more 'suspense' type ones. I really enjoyed 'Quiet Place I and II'. What was the last horror film that you saw? Would you recommend it?
I'm also watching the 'Shadow and Bone' TV series on Netflix at the moment. Have you seen them at all?
One of my favourite series was 'Game of Thrones', I have also read the books. I was quite disappointed in the last season and especially the final episode but the rest of the series was excellent.

LearnEnglish team

Profile picture for user marcelobj

Submitted by marcelobj on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 18:03


I like watching biographical and historical movies. It's a way to have fun and learn something else.

Submitted by deen on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 14:51


i love watching action films, because without you knowing you enjoy the film. and i like sad films or series as well

Submitted by Eric2023 on Tue, 04/04/2023 - 23:59


I like series and movies of fiction cientific, WestWorld, Foudation, but also comedy as Friends.

Submitted by Yousra99 on Tue, 04/04/2023 - 06:30


I like to watching horror movies and romantic story with funny , but I really love waching reall story It's amazing to me .

Submitted by Olesya M on Mon, 03/04/2023 - 15:50


I agree with you, there are a lot of sorts films have a exciting plot. I like a great story line. I would see a cool film, come rain or shine, And of course, I enjoy from comedy!

Submitted by Rawaz7 on Sun, 02/04/2023 - 16:02


hello why I cant see my Comment?

Hello Rawaz7,

To keep LearnEnglish free from spam and obscenities, we check all comments before they are published. This means it can take several hours for your comments to be published, especially on weekends or holidays. But don't worry, we publish all comments that follow our House rules.

All the best,
LearnEnglish team

Profile picture for user Su.Hlaing.Win

Submitted by Su.Hlaing.Win on Sat, 01/04/2023 - 08:00


Actually, I'm not a movie person. I prefer reading historical background books rather than watching films. However, I sometimes watch Netflix series. The series I recently watched was WEDNESDAY which is supernatural horror film. The movie song by Lady Gaga is my favorite part. I used to love watching HARRY PORTER when I was a kid. The Korean series become popular in my country during these days. Anyway, I enjoy sitting in a quiet place with a book in my hands instead of sitting opposite the screen.

Hello ShreeVaths, thank you for leaving a voice-recording, it's fantastic to hear you speaking and using your English! 
I loved all the Marvel films and like you, have watched them more than once! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is out this weekend I think, which I'm hoping to see at some point. The first one was excellent and really made me laugh, the follow on films ... I didn't think were as good but still worth watching!
Do you tend to watch films at home or do you ever go to the cinema? It's quite expensive to go to the cinema here in the UK, but I do love watching stuff on the big screens.

~ Tina ツ
LearnEnglish team

Hi lualarcon,

Thanks for your voice message! The idiom in English is "keep you on the edge of your seat". :)


LearnEnglish team

Profile picture for user Viiriidiianii

Submitted by Viiriidiianii on Wed, 22/03/2023 - 22:31


Hi everyone,

I really like science fiction movies and series.

I'm not big horror fan but I like suspens movies.

DARK, is my favorite series from Netflix.

Do you have any recomendetaion?



Hi manolex.123,

I like movies that keep you gripped until the end too. Some action movie scenes are spectacular and memorable. I still remember Tom Cruise's action scenes from the first Mission: Impossible movie, and that came out over 20 years ago! Are you going to see the new John Wick movie?


LearnEnglish team

Submitted by HenryEduardo on Wed, 22/03/2023 - 21:01


Hello everyone. Really, I like films about the real life with interesting storyline and charismatic actors. I don´t prefer the films of action or terror.

Submitted by WinMyint Phyo on Wed, 22/03/2023 - 05:12


Dear ,
As for me, I hardly used to watch films or series. But sometimes, whenever I feel bored, depression or something that we felt seriously, I watch some films. Actually I prefer to watch the films that motivate to me.

Wow, that is a great idea...if you spend too much time watching movies a series that will be negative in your your job, studies or family situations.


Submitted by henriquespedro on Sat, 18/03/2023 - 22:38


I really like science fiction. i like suspense movies or series too. I like when there is some mystery to discover the truth too.

In fact, I prefer series instead movies.

My wife likes romantic comedy movies. Then I have watched this kind of movie with her.

Me too,I really like science fiction with full of magic.Most of science film include incredible mysterious that’s arrest me within the film and it can be dragged to the mysterious world.So l like science film very much.

Hi Niloya,

Thanks for your recording. I'm happy to hear that you like the topic!
Have you got a favourite animation or biographical film?

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish team

Hi Juanrojos,

Thanks for your recording. I watched The Shining many years ago and I still remember being really scared!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish team

Submitted by Roocio on Fri, 17/03/2023 - 19:20


Hi! My favourite kind of series and movies are thriller or romantic. It is funny because this two do not have nothing similar. I have the same kind of films and series with my siblings. We always watch films together.

Hi udvikas! Thank you for your very interesting comment. I like watching documentaries too. They say real life is stranger than fiction, and it's often true. I know exactly what you mean about finding inspiration from real life people. Do you have any recommendations for good documentaries that people can watch in English?

Best wishes


LearnEnglish team

Hi Jo,
You wrote: "They say real life is stranger than fiction, and it's often true".
What do you think about this?
It is a pleasure to read your comments, and I would like to get some feedback from you on mine as well. Thank you.
Best wishes

Hi User_1! Thanks so much for joining in the conversation. You've asked a really interesting question – I love it!

Is real life stranger than fiction?  What do people think?

Please keep replying to other people's comments and encouraging conversation between learners. That's exactly what we want here! 

Have a good weekend!


LearnEnglish team

Submitted by merw1 on Thu, 16/03/2023 - 16:56


Hello everyone! This is my first time in this website. I’m Merve from Turkey.
I’d like to talk about topic. I love watching strong women for example The Old Guard. You can watch it on Netflix. The film is about an immortal fighter and her name is Andy. I think it is the most fascinating movie I have ever seen.

Hi Kyaw Khaing Hein! Thank you for your comment. I found it really interesting. I agree that the world of medicine is a fascinating topic for drama – the science of it, the human stories and the moral and emotional questions. I'm not sure I fully understand your connection to medicine in real life. Are you working in the medical profession? Or are you interested as a patient? I'm interested to know more! 

Thanks and best wishes


LearnEnglish team

Hi i like to watch documentary and biography. Basically they are near to nature and almost real and i am enjoying nature its give me a new direction.

Submitted by Kyaw Khaing Hein on Tue, 14/03/2023 - 15:23


I really like watching all kind of movie, basically on my mood. If I have to choose one, I'm into drama base on the medical related story line such as Grey' Anatomy, New Amsterdam, A Good Doctor. I'm fascinating to the operation, examine the diseases and cure. It so excited and interesting to me. Beside that it is useful in the real life, if we face about medical condition.

Hi Thinzar Hlaing,

Nice to hear your audio message! I am not a horror fan either. Have you watched any good movies recently?


LearnEnglish team

I watched K-dramas too. I watched boys over flowers, W etc. I don’t like horror films too. I saw nightmares when I watch them. That’s awful!

Submitted by Syer on Mon, 13/03/2023 - 08:02


My favourite film is Miracle, which main actor is Kurt Russel. This film shows the dramatic story between USA and URSS in hockey Ice at winter olimpic from 1980. In this ocasion, the USA manager faces with a lot courage the public opinion firing the top players of team and composing an other with youngers players. It's a great exemple of leadership.

Hi Syer,

I haven't seen this film but it sounds interesting. So does the real-life hockey match that the film was based on. Do you like sports films in general?


LearnEnglish team

Hi Jonathan!

Thank you so much for your reply! I really like films based in real-life, even that show another themes. I mean, I enjoy watching documentaries.

Submitted by DariaMur on Sun, 12/03/2023 - 19:06


Hi everyone! I like comedies, not all, but many, especially with satire. My favorite recent ones are Don't Look Up, The Death of Stalin, Wrong Cops, Borat. I don't really like serieses because they are long and take a lot of time away from real life.