What team do you support?

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Jonathan: Hi, everyone. Hi, Tina!

Tina: Hiya! How are you doing?

Jonathan: Very well. How are you?

Tina: Yeah, not too bad. It's a beautiful day here in England, for a change.

Jonathan: Oh, I'm glad. Good, good. Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about football today as the Women's World Cup is coming up soon.

Tina: Yeah. Have you ever seen them play?

Jonathan: Only on TV. Yeah, only on TV. I'd love to go to a match one day, but, yeah, so far I've only seen them play on TV, yeah. I'm supporting the England team this, er, in the Women's World Cup.

Tina: Me too, definitely. Yeah, yeah. They were here last year in Brighton and they, um, it was just up the road, actually. We couldn't get tickets, but it was an amazing atmosphere. Everyone was just rooting for them. It was brilliant, really good.

Jonathan: Oh, wow. It's a shame you couldn't get tickets.

Tina: I know, I know. One day, like you!

Jonathan: Yeah. So …

Tina: So do you support a team? Oh, you're going to ask me, aren't you?

Jonathan: The same question, yes! Do you support a team? Yeah. Do you support a team?

Tina: I do support a team. I supported it more when I was younger, but I support Arsenal. I'm from North London.

Jonathan: Arsenal?

Tina: Yeah, Arsenal, yes. And you?

Jonathan: OK. I support one of Arsenal's rivals, I guess. Yeah, I'm a West Ham supporter. Yeah, sorry!

Tina: No! Boo!

Jonathan: We'll have to put our feelings to the side for this conversation, but, yeah, I'm a West Ham supporter, yeah, from East London, yeah. 

Tina: So how come you're a supporter from there? Just because that's where you grew up?

Jonathan: Exactly, yes. So yeah, I was born and grew up in that area, in East London. So it had to be West Ham for that reason. It could have been Manchester City if I'd been born elsewhere, but not! How about you? How do you support, why do you support Arsenal?

Tina: Arsenal, well, it's a bit of a strange story. When I was in primary school, so I was quite young, so I grew up, I was born and bred in North London and when I was at primary school we used to play this game and we had this sort of quite a big bench that we had to run around. And this particular time was if you got caught by a boy that supported Arsenal, you had to support Arsenal. If you got caught by a boy who supported Tottenham, or Spurs, you had to support them. And luckily, I was caught by a boy who supported or a kid who supported Arsenal, and so yeah – I supported Arsenal. And I like the colour red, so it was a win–win situation.

Jonathan: OK. Oh, that's so funny! That's such a funny story. Luckily, you say?

Tina: Well, yeah, yes. Luckily. Have you, when was the last time you saw a match?

Jonathan: Well, I did go to a match last summer, but to be honest I don't go very often. Yeah, that was the only match I've been to in the past five years, so, yeah, mainly I watch football and sports on TV now. How about you, have you been to any matches recently?

Tina: Not to Arsenal. I haven't been for a long, long time to Arsenal, but I did, I was able to go to an England match – um, was it the World Cup? – a couple of years ago.

Jonathan: Oh yeah?

Tina: Yeah. So I went to see England play Ukraine in Rome, and it was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was electric. It was brilliant and it was such a good atmosphere, no sort of nasty bits going on. It was just great, really, really good. And I didn't have a voice left from all the cheering at the end.

Jonathan: OK, oh, brilliant! Yeah, that sounds really exciting, yeah, and in Rome! Wow. What an experience!

Tina: Yeah, it was. No gladiators or anything, but there was, it was a good, good day out. Very hot, very hot. I remember it being really hot.

Jonathan: OK, well, great to talk, Tina, and it'll be great if you could let us know in the comments – who do you support? We're looking forward to hearing from you. OK, bye!

Tina: Lovely to see you again. See you soon!


In this video, Jonathan and Tina find out which teams they both support. Here are some of the phrases they used.

I support (England).
I'm an (England) fan / I'm an (England) supporter.

Support is a verb that means to be a fan of a sports team and to want them to win. A person who does that is a supporter or a fan. You can add an adjective too, e.g. I'm a big/loyal/long-time/passionate/die-hard England fan.

I'm rooting for (England).

To root for someone has a similar meaning to support: you want that team to win. It's often used in the present continuous.

I went to see (England) play (Ukraine) a couple of years ago.
I've only seen them play on TV.

You can use the phrase go to see (a team) play to talk about watching the team live in the stadium. If you watched them on TV or online, the phrase is just see (instead of go to see). You can also make negative sentences such as I haven't been to a match for a long time.

What about you?

  • Do you support a football team or a team in any other sport?
  • Are you supporting a team in the Women's World Cup?
  • Which teams are popular in your local area?

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    Average: 4.5 (4 votes)

    Submitted by miguelin647 on Mon, 04/09/2023 - 17:02


    I do support Boston Celtiks in the NBA, yeah
    No, in this moment i don't support any team in the Women's World Cup.
    I live in Cali, Colombia. In this country people love so mucho football, in My city the most popular teams are América de Cali y Cali.

    Submitted by alejovilleporto on Tue, 15/08/2023 - 03:59


    I do support a local football team, its name is America de Cali, their nickname is "the red devils". I consider my self a huge fan of football and this is the best team.
    I a certainly suporting the colombian girls, they have made an amazing job during the world cup, now, I think I will cheer for the australian girls, tehy deserve the cup.

    In my country there are a few teams that are very popular, of course my team, America de Cali, and other such as Atletico Nacional and MIllonarios. They are teams with a lot of victories.

    Profile picture for user Erick Estrada

    Submitted by Erick Estrada on Thu, 10/08/2023 - 02:38


    Hello. I'm a big fan of football. I'm a America Supporter, a Mexico team but I support several teams all over the world like Chelsea and MU in England, Real Madrid in Spain and Milan in Italy.
    I love so much going to watch the matches at the stadium but I usually watch them on TV. Greatings!

    Hi Abdulra7man_10,

    Your message was really informative. I learned a lot about Al Ahly! At first I got them confused with the Saudi team Al Ahli.

    Salah must be a hero in Egypt! He has been one of the most effective attacking players in the Premier League for many years now and I always enjoy watching him play!


    LearnEnglish team

    Submitted by monxsi on Sat, 29/07/2023 - 04:51


    I don´t watch football every sunday like in Mexico people costume, but I like to watch the world cup. I´m fan of Mexico and Brazil.

    Submitted by mariaclaudiabruck on Tue, 25/07/2023 - 00:24


    So, I'm Brazilian and I love watching football, it's amazing to watch the world cup with other brazilians supporters. I love Brazil, love neymar and the whole brazilian team.

    Submitted by joyce237 on Mon, 24/07/2023 - 11:21


    i am rootind for Cameroonian team, i was born in cameroon and i enjoy seens cameroon beating Brazil il the wold cup groupe stage unfurtunatly they dont acces the second stage. we hope to do more better in the next wold cup

    Hi joyce237,

    Although they didn't qualify for the knockout stage, they played well and I remember the 3-3 draw with Serbia, which was very exciting. Good luck to your team!


    LearnEnglish team

    Hi diwa57,

    I have been pleased to see Eintracht Frankfurt doing very well in the past couple of seasons! They are a historic team and it's good to see them back to their best! Europa League winners last year and a good Champions League run this year ... you must be delighted with their performances. What are your hopes for the coming season?


    LearnEnglish team

    Submitted by Roberto_Mex on Thu, 20/07/2023 - 18:40


    Im rooting for Spain in this World Cup. I was born in Mexico and I would have liked to see the National Mexican Team in this tournament but unfortunately they were not able to classify. I have never seen a women's match but, I think that it could be an interesting experience. I haven't seen a match in a long time but I would like to see some this year.

    Hi Roberto! I agree – I would have liked to see Mexico in the tournament too. I'm also a fan of the Spanish team. They're a really strong team with loads of talent. Be sure to come back and tell us what you think when you've watched a match or two! I'm sure Spain will be great to watch.


    LearnEnglish team

    Submitted by Đỗ Duy Anh on Sun, 16/07/2023 - 10:10


    I support Manchester United as a club and the England team as well. I love them and their way of putting the ball to the net. It will always be long pass from the midfielders like Rice, Mount or Maddison. Then Rashford will dribble past the wingback then cut inside and What a finish from Harry Kane!!!!