What's your favourite film?

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We asked some of our friends and family about their favourite film ever. This is what they said.

My favourite film ever is Back to the Future. I've always liked the idea of time travel. I like the idea that if you go back in time, there's a danger that you could change the present – and maybe not even be born, if that makes sense! That's what makes the film exciting. The soundtrack is awesome too.
Kirill, France

My favourite film is Titanic – the devastating true story of the 'unsinkable ship' that sank to the bottom of the ocean on 15 April 1912. From the enormous sets to the stunning costumes and Leonardo DiCaprio's and Kate Winslet's incredible performances, watching Titanic is every single time a thrilling, emotional and breathtaking experience.
Lena, UK

Saving Mr. Banks is my favourite film because it tells the story behind one of my other favourite films, Mary Poppins. It tells the story of PL Travers's (the author of the Mary Poppins books) childhood in rural Queensland in the early 1900s, and it also shows the meetings in Los Angeles in 1961 when Walt Disney tried to persuade the author to sell him the rights to her novels.
Txell, Catalonia

I really like a movie called Interstellar. On the surface, it's a science fiction film in which a crew of men and women go off in search of a way to save the people left on a dying planet Earth, but the ending only makes sense if you see love as a force that transcends space and time in a very tangible way – not your typical sci-fi message! I love movies that blow your mind like that.
Kirk, USA

I've always loved Blade Runner. It was made back in 1982, but it still shows you a completely believable near future. It stars Harrison Ford as a police officer who hunts and kills 'replicants' – genetically engineered humanoids that are almost impossible to tell apart from humans. The atmosphere is dark, and the future Los Angeles is decaying but beautiful. The film is about what it means to be human.
Jo, UK

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Submitted by Wendy_23 on Tue, 18/07/2023 - 02:00


Of all the zombie movies that have been made, the best. Because it's done in such a way, acted so well, and taken as a possible pandemic that makes it very real. Although we are talking about zombies. But Brad Pitt's performance takes it all. The way in which the cure is thought of is perfect and logical. I saw it at its premiere and it seemed far to me like a "serious" film about rage and the so-called zombies or torments. Taking into account that the contagion movie was a prediction of what happened in 2020. This movie should now be seen in a different way with respect to a disease that ultimately has to do with rage beyond zombies. Excellent

Submitted by deen on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 15:02


my favorite movie is me before you. It's a romance film. I really love that film because the film taught us about how precious the people around us.

Submitted by Yousra99 on Tue, 04/04/2023 - 06:47


my fav film is notebook it was amazing and emotional I can't forget the story of movie really really was good .

Profile picture for user lualarcon

Submitted by lualarcon on Wed, 29/03/2023 - 19:48


My favorite film is Forrest Gump, the story shows how a human being even with mental disabilities can influence over others in a postive way. Besides Tom Hanks is a great actor.

Submitted by eminecengelr on Wed, 29/03/2023 - 19:41


My favorite film is The secret life of pets. This film is an animation. this animation includes adorable animals. I enjoy watching animation. when ı watching this film I feel good and have less stress

It's my favorite too. I love to collect the animal toys in "The secret life of pets". The animation I enjoy most is 'Inside Out' which shows if there is no sadness, no happiness will be in our daily lives.

Submitted by ShreeVaths on Wed, 29/03/2023 - 06:11


My most favorite film is "The Pursuit of Happiness" starring Will Smith and his then young son Jaden Smith. I have watched this movie so many times , and each time the film does not fail to motivate me, to keep on moving forward in my life no matter what hurdles you face.

This movie has made me realize that I have everything I need - healthy life, a beautiful family, good clothes to wear, delicious food each and everyday and so much more.

All that remains now is my effort to put in my 100% in whatever I want to achieve in my life.

Submitted by MuneefGul on Mon, 27/03/2023 - 18:48


My favourite film Titanic
Because it's on the true base story. And it's a romantic film and the best part of its film is the cast. Liano di Caprio

Was that one of Leonardo DiCaprio's first films that he acted in? He looks so young it it. Do you like any other films that he has been in MuneefGul?
I thought he was excellent in 'Get me if you can' - a biographical crime comedy-drama film. It's a story based on a con artist and is set in the 60's I think.

~ Tina ツ
LearnEnglish team

Submitted by nfantasy1004 on Mon, 27/03/2023 - 08:31


I basically like all of the Marvel series movies. I started from the Iron Man, and find the idea of building a suit with new energy source, AI assistance and personal flying transportation fascinating. My favorite of them all is the Avengers three and four, where all the story line merge into one, and all the allies and heroes come and fight courageous with the evil.

Submitted by aiszhuma on Wed, 22/03/2023 - 07:48


My favorite movie is Hachi: A Dog's Tale. I really like this movie, it makes me cry every time when I watch it. The story about a dog named Hachi -   japan breed. Every day that dog follow his owner to the train station in the morning, by the way owner used the train to go at the university, where he worked as professor and in the evening dog come to train station and wait his owner.
Unfortunately, dog's owner died at the work and the come to train station and wait his owner every day and it continued several years until the dog died.
It's tragic movie about loyalty of dog to his owner.

How amazing movie! I love it too. At the final the citizens of the community made a statue of Hachi, in the place where he waited the person who take care of him.

Hi aiszhuma and Nusly Martinez,
Hachi sounds like such a moving film. I'm sure I would cry too if I watched it.
Is it a true story?


LearnEnglish team

Submitted by DariaMur on Mon, 20/03/2023 - 19:58


Hi everyone! My favourite movie ever is Breaking the Waves of Lars von Trier. I even have called my cat with name Lars so much I love all movies of von Trier. Breaking the Waves is so heartbreaking. It is about simple life and human nature. Every time I watch it I am crying. And my husband is crying too.

Submitted by Ramil_2003 on Mon, 20/03/2023 - 15:41


I like Science fiction and doc filmes, I think
Christopher Nolan is genius director in the theme of science fiction

Submitted by Muskaaaan on Sun, 19/03/2023 - 13:56


hi everyone, i'm misha and my favourite go-to movie is legall blonde. i know it sounds a little idiotic but i just love all the drama and how her stupid, out of the box ways and her in depth knowledge about the fashion industry helps her wins the case she is appointed.

Submitted by niloya on Sat, 18/03/2023 - 19:38


Hi, everyone. My favourite film is Buğday. It is about genetic intervention. I like subjects, image background, White black shooting.

Submitted by Roocio on Fri, 17/03/2023 - 19:37


Decide my favourite film is really hard. I like watch movies and I watch a lot but I cannot decide. Probably the best film that I watch recently is Encanto of Disney. I think that it is the best because I love the story, characters and the lesson that the movie give us.

Submitted by Nusly Martinez on Tue, 14/03/2023 - 17:27


Hi everyone! I´m Nusly...Entertainment! I love to watch movies and series too. I´ve lately changed to Korean Dramas, the actors and actresses have incredible performances in short plot, some of them have sixteen chapters- about historical, romantic, science fictions, crime, comedy with soundtrack, sets are incredible, some of my family members and I enjoy them. But to me the main problem is only a few of them are spoken or translated to English.

My favorite actor is a British man called Liam Neeson, his main performances movies that I saw are Non-stop, Honest Thief, Venganza Trilogy, Sneyder´s List and other I can´t remember now.

Profile picture for user Umar Hammad

Submitted by Umar Hammad on Mon, 13/03/2023 - 10:37


i like animated movies my favourite movie is big hero its science fiction movie type . its story of two brothers elder brother made 1 rebort baymax and all stroy turn around of rebot and younger brtother very nice informate movie and there is massage for kids that is good man or work is alwya alive

Submitted by JENO on Sun, 12/03/2023 - 05:23


“Notting Hill” is one of my favorite movies.
I love that movie! It’s just surreal but beautiful love story.
As you already know, the movie is set in Notting Hill, London.
I love to see the streets, shops and people of the town.
and I also like two main characters. Their acting was great.
I’m very sorry that I can‘t find such a nice romantic movie these days.

Profile picture for user Ciralu_1

Submitted by Ciralu_1 on Sun, 12/03/2023 - 02:05


My favorite film is "White chicks", I think I have seen it more than five times and I always have fun. It is a combination of action, comedy, and investigation of these two agents, who pose as two wealthy blondes to catch the wrongdoers.

Profile picture for user Andres Felipe Murillo Ayala

Submitted by Andres Felipe … on Sat, 11/03/2023 - 03:47


My favorite film is "Star Trek" It is a really good movie, the first time it was being streamed, I couldn't finish watching because I needed to go to school the next day. I love it because science fictions is my favorite type of film, also because I love space shuttles, rocket launches and space events.

Submitted by Jsambia on Fri, 10/03/2023 - 13:35


My favorite film is Go back to school! It's a really funny film and just make me remember my teenage years how i've been grew up. It's a very good film with many advices from young!

Hi Jsambia,

It sounds like a funny film! I enjoy watching comedy too, I think it's a good way to relax.

Best wishes,


LearnEnglish team

Profile picture for user tutaysalgir

Submitted by tutaysalgir on Fri, 10/03/2023 - 09:24


My favorite movie is Inception. It's a science finction film. I like science movie. This film very important movie because The possibility of what is described in the movie is a debate. ( This sentence I used translate :) Also Leonardo Di Caprio acting is very good...

Hi tutaysalgir,

I haven't seen Inception, but I've heard of it and it sounds really interesting. Is the concept that the main character can enter other people's dreams? 

I also really like Leonardo Di Caprio as an actor. I think I'll have to watch this film sometime soon!

Best wishes,


LearnEnglish team