Where are you from?

View of Sheffield from a green field

Where I'm from

by Jo G

So, I want to tell you about Sheffield, the place where I was born and the city of my youth! It's a city of half a million people, in the hills of the north of England. It's a city of industry, famous for steel and cutlery. These days Sheffield is less industrial, more green. One thing I love about Sheffield is that you can run from your front door through parks and woodland into open countryside in half an hour. 

People in Sheffield are really friendly (although they don't always look it!). They chat to you at bus stops, and the bus driver calls you 'love'. Many Sheffielders are of Pakistani origin, and the city has amazing curry restaurants. We also have delicious beer because making knives and forks was thirsty work. You can't argue with tradition!

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  • How would you describe it?
  • Is there something you particularly love about it?
  • What's your village/city/region/country famous for?


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Submitted by Anny Lavínia N… on Wed, 26/04/2023 - 19:27


I'm from Montes claros and i love my city for its traditional festivals,culture and food

Submitted by rodrigoalkmim on Sat, 15/04/2023 - 22:12


I was born in Sao Paulo (capital), considered one of the 5 largest cities in the world, the center of industry/commerce and business in Brazil.
However, today I live in Montes Claros - MG, a medium-sized city located in the state of Minas Gerais; student hub covering more than 50 cities around, famous for its festivals in the month of August.

Submitted by Rawaz7 on Thu, 13/04/2023 - 15:13


Hi, I was born in Erbil, it is a nice city and called (city of culture) because we have many nationalities here, we all live together where there is no place for racism. Citadel of Erbil is a heart of the city which was built 8000B.C before.

Submitted by biancamartins2002 on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 23:26


i'm from Montes Claros but now I live in Francisco Sá, is a small city and I love it because here everybody knows each other and we have more facility in our lives with everything we needed.

Submitted by aldaeliene on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 03:08


Hey, guys!
I was born in the city of Manga, which is located in the state of Minas Gerais (MG), but I currently live in Montes Claros, MG.
I like my current city, especially in the area of ​​health and education.
One of the city's traditional parties is Expomontes, which takes place every year.

Submitted by Flavia Andrade on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 02:25


I'm from Montes claros, and I love this place becouse it has a perfect mix between a big city, with big offices and business, but has too culture and constructions like a country city.

Submitted by Bell Veloso on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 02:00


I'm from Montes-Claros, born and raised here in the city that is known as the little princess of the North of Minas, a kind and hospitable people, I always say that we have the art of receiving in our blood, warmth is present in everything including cooking warm and delicious from here. It also has its historical-cultural charm.

Submitted by Flavia Andrade on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 01:50


Hello everyone! I'm from Montes Claros, and I love this city becouse It has a perfect mix. Here we have a culture of a country city, and big offices and business like a big city. I really like this here, so in things that I did not like, it's can be the weather, here is so hot and dry.

Submitted by biancamartins2002 on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 00:15


I live in Francisco Sá, is a small city and I love it because here everybody knows each other and we have more facility in our lives with everything we needed.

Submitted by michaelduraes on Tue, 11/04/2023 - 16:47


I'm from Montes Claros, I love that the city offers me several amenities like ordering food, and also the fame of my city and that here you have the most beautiful girls in the state.

Submitted by giuliacandido on Tue, 11/04/2023 - 15:14


I was born in the city of São Paulo in Brazil, but now I live in Montes Claros, the city that I used to visit on my vacations. They are very different cities, but I love their particularities. São Paulo is a very big city and there are so many people from so many places, I love it! About Montes Claros, it is a ''City of the Sun'', so cultural, historic and beautiful, with a kind people! This city melts my heart!

Submitted by mariaoli on Tue, 11/04/2023 - 14:50


I was born and live in Montes Claros - mg is a big city but I don’t like so much because is a really hot city but have a lot of things to do

Submitted by Ana Clara on Tue, 11/04/2023 - 12:14


Hi guys!
So, i was born and i live in Montes Claros-MG. I love my city, the culture, the delicious food like rice with pequi, tropeiro beans, cheese bread, coffe...
These are several churches, squares and universities.

Submitted by estefane._. on Mon, 10/04/2023 - 13:05


I was born in Belo Horizonte but I live in Montes Claros, North of Minas Gerais. I love my city, the culture, the August parties, the food, in short, one of the best places in the region!

Submitted by mavi21 on Mon, 10/04/2023 - 11:49


I was born, raised and live in the city of montes claros, it is the largest city in the region. it has many colleges, hospitals and is considered a very safe and peaceful city to live.

Submitted by jull3a on Mon, 10/04/2023 - 00:44


Hello! My city is located in the state of Minas Gerais. I would probably describe here as a city that is always new, I love how the day can be different from start to finish, the way no matter how busy it is during the day it is busy at night (or vice versa). Here it is very famous for its parties on certain dates.
I love that!!!

Submitted by Julye on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 13:55


I was born in the interior of Minas Gerais and it is a very peaceful and good place to live

Submitted by Julye on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 13:42


I was born in the interior of Minas Gerais and it is a very peaceful and good place to live

Submitted by alicewonder on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 09:25


I am from Buchach, a small town located in the western part of Ukraine. It is really beautiful. We have a lot of churches, charming downtown and nearby forests. It is famous for some industry, for example we have large apple farm hat exports apples to countries all over the world. However, personally, what I love most about Buchach is its tranquil environment and beautiful scenery, which always make me feel relaxed.

Submitted by vitoriasaraiva on Sat, 08/04/2023 - 04:51


Hello! I was born and raised in Montes Claros, where I still live, I love my city, mainly because of the parties here, since you can decide whether you want something quiet or noisy, whatever the day or time of day. My city is famous for being a university center and many students from neighboring cities have come to live here.

Submitted by sam_ffs on Thu, 06/04/2023 - 04:36


I'm from São Paulo, it's a nice place to visit.

Submitted by sam_ffs on Thu, 06/04/2023 - 04:27


I'm from São Paulo, one of the most famous states in Brazil, it's also the fifth most largest state in the world. São Paulo it's the best place to visit if you want to see a lot of cultures and if you are looking for study and work opportunities. But I don't recommend living because of the violence and danger situated there.

Submitted by Virginia44 on Thu, 06/04/2023 - 02:00


I'm from Montes Claros, MG - Brazil. My city can be describe as a hot place. Some people call it "MOCHELL" because of this. Here can be famous for being a university pole, the Pequi's capital and about its culture.
I can't remember about something that I love in Montes Claros

Submitted by Quesia on Thu, 06/04/2023 - 01:36


I'm from Brazil, I live on the north part of a state called "Minas Gerais", we are famous for our coffee and "Pão de Queijo". My favorite part about living here is definitely the food and the people, which are very kind and friendly.

Submitted by fakerosies on Thu, 06/04/2023 - 01:30


I live in Montes Claros Minas Gerais, I wasn't born here, but I moved there for reasons of study and opportunities. living here is great, it's hot all the time, people are welcoming and all.
i love how the city always has something to do, you never get bored, that's my favorite thing about living here.
well, i know my city is famous for being a great place to live, outside of here it is famous for BEING THE PLACE, like MOC IS THE PLACE and i love that

Submitted by nathaliaduraes on Thu, 06/04/2023 - 00:55


Hello! I'm from a small town in the interior of Minas Gerais in Brazil. I love my city, it's small but it's a quiet place and represents my home. I particularly love the parties of the month of July in my city, which is when it is your birthday, my city is very famous because of this traditional party that happens every year, a party that unites the city into one and makes everyone happy, with typical foods and small stalls that sell several things, in addition to the amusement park and the various concerts that last two weeks! This is my favorite part!

Submitted by Lukangu on Wed, 05/04/2023 - 03:57


I live in Luanda, the capital of Angola. It is a nice city because of a beautiful beach where you can go to swim and have a great time with family or friends. People are very kind, the weather is sunny almost every time. What I don't like in Luanda is the rubbish in many public place. I hope we will organize ourselves in order to collect it regularly and efficiently.

Submitted by laurita.zaconeta on Fri, 31/03/2023 - 17:58


I am from a small city called Oruro in the west of Bolivia. The people there are very warm, but not at first sight, they first need to trust you!
The place is very famous for its Carnival and strong faith in the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora del Socavón, they built the largest statue in the world in her honor, almost 150 feet.
The Oruro’s Carnival is the greatest demonstration of Bolivian culture, every year in February the regions and ancient traditions are represented by more than 20,000 dancers and 10,000 musicians in colourful and spectacular dances. The festivity was declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2008.

I've heard about the festival for the first time. What a big and important event it is for you! The costumes the dancers looks so colorful and beautiful. I can't imagine over 20,000 dancers and 10,000! musicians gather at once to join the festival. What kind of musical instruments do the musician play?

Submitted by Alecastellano on Tue, 28/03/2023 - 22:53


I am from Seville, Spain.
It's a beautiful city, plenty of monuments and with a historic hood that makes you fall in love. Stretch streets are appropriate to escape from summer heat. Every corner is full of plants that refresh the city air.
The most famous monument is La Giralda, that was built by the Arabians, who lived here for eight hundred years, and whose adn is still influencing our cells

Submitted by Luiscarza on Tue, 28/03/2023 - 00:04


Hi everybody:
I’m from Merida, in the southeast of Mexico. I was born here, and was a small city, but now is a city of one and a half million people.
Usually the city is very hot and wet, specially in the spring and summer. In fact, we always said, here in Merida we only have to seasons: summer and autumn ☹️.
But we have the beach and Mayan ruins, very close. So, I invite you to come here and visit us. The people are very friendly, specially with the tourist. And the city is very safe. Probably is the most safe city in our country.

Profile picture for user Verveine

Submitted by Verveine on Sun, 26/03/2023 - 07:43


My hometown is Chiba prefecture which is just next to Tokyo across the big river. About 35 percent of workers living in Chiba go to work in Tokyo, so they (including me!) think that they are citizens of "Tokyo" not "Chiba"!
Chiba is famous for Japanese pears. There are many types of pears and each has great chrematistics. My favorite one is "Kaori", whose size is so big and very juicy. Have you ever had Japanese pears before? They are completely different from pears in other countries.

I've never tried Japanese pears before Verveine, and you have made them sound like something I should try so I will keep my eye open for them when I am next in the supermarket. Can you get them all year round? Would you have a photo of them that you could share with us at all? I'd love to see what they look like and how they compare to the pears we get here in the UK.

~ Tina ッ
LearnEnglish team

Hi everyone! I was born and grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. I live in Istanbul since 22 years. Istanbul is an amazing, beautiful and very big city. Istanbul has many historical and tradiotianl places to visit. Bosphourous is amazing. You can find easily whatever you want but I dont like most crowded places. I like country places more than crowded places.

These are Japanese pears. The shape is round like apples. They have variety of types and we can enjoy eating from the mid of summer to the end of Autumn. My favorite one "Kaori" is much much bigger than one you see on the attachment photo. I hope you can try them some day!

Submitted by Sharifah.km on Sat, 18/03/2023 - 14:32


Hello, I was born in Shuqaiq village in Saudi Arabia, is famous for palms and dates it is quite place and have many farms but the weather is so hot in summer I love winter in my village is not very cold.
I like country because nature and the air isn’t polluted.

Profile picture for user Umar Hammad

Submitted by Umar Hammad on Wed, 15/03/2023 - 11:14


i was bron in pakistan city kharian cantt it has a population of about 87,419 its not very big city its small but very calm ful place in pujnab

Submitted by luizfernando on Tue, 14/03/2023 - 22:36


I am from Ubá, which is located in MG, Brazil and it is known for its mountainous relief. Ubá has about 120.000 people and it is extremely hot. My father was the pioneer of the furniture industry in Ubá and it has developed the region into the biggest furniture complex in the country besides that Ubá produces the famous and delicious mangoes also called Ubá Mango and from it many derived products, such as jam, beer, juice, candies and so on. I love living here.

Submitted by edsongazolla on Mon, 13/03/2023 - 23:50


My place is Ubá. It's a very hot city. It's not big and not small. I particularly love this city because of my family and memories of my childhood. There are so many furniture factories here. So, it's know AKA the city of fondness.

Submitted by fabriciasol on Mon, 13/03/2023 - 23:50


Ubá is a very hot city, it is not big an not small, it is a city of 110.000 people.
My city is very famous for furniture production, there are so many furniture factories here a famous Brasilian singer named Ary Barroso from the 50s.

Submitted by fernandaangeloni on Mon, 13/03/2023 - 15:52


I`m from Turvo, a small town in the south of Santa Catarina, Brazil. the town is very peaceful, quiet and friendly (sometimes too much friendly!) My town is famous for its agricultural mechanization and rice production. the economy of the town is around agriculture. the weather is good all year.

Submitted by matheusblois on Mon, 13/03/2023 - 15:50


I am from Rio Grande, it is a town in the south of Rio Grande do Sul, near Uruguay. The city is very old, it was the first city in the state and it is famous because one of the biggest beaches in the world called "Praia do Cassino" it has more than 200 kilometers of extension and people can drive cars in the sand, it is beautiful, very windy, but is my favorite place.

Submitted by maingoc1912 on Sat, 11/03/2023 - 09:09


I am now living in countryside. I had lived in Hanoi for over ten years, then for many reasons, I moved to my hometown. I can see the different between living in a crowded city and a rural area, the air in my hometown is fresher, and people here connect well with others.

Submitted by A.Ayoub on Fri, 10/03/2023 - 13:26


Hello , everyone
I am from egypt the country of civilization where yuo can see the great buildings and monuments and people have ahaert of gold . It is pleased to me to tell you that when you visit egypt you can see the life of origin countryside and the three pyramids and Abu semple temple finally you can see alot of places and traditional industrial,now we have anew cities like the administrative capital and El galalah city and more and more in my lovely country

Profile picture for user rianimorelo

Submitted by rianimorelo on Fri, 10/03/2023 - 11:04


I live in the furniture city and there are many furniture faires during the year. Our city hosts people from all over the country. As I like cold, I'm feeling uncomfortable because Ubá is very hot. I think it is necessary more investments in the maintenance of the city's squares, streets, and security. My city is famous for Ubá mango which is delicious!

Submitted by Rafaela6144 on Thu, 09/03/2023 - 01:18


I live in Suzano, a peri-urban, industrial, historic city also known for sports, volleyball has a strong tradition in competitions.
The good thing about living in Suzano is the quality of life and easy access to other regions in the state of São Paulo.
Suzano is famous for its agricultural and flower production, under the strong influence of Japanese culture.

Submitted by danthanh13 on Wed, 08/03/2023 - 21:01


I was born in Hue, the capital of Thua Thien Hue province in central Viet Nam. Hue is a peaceful and quiet environment. It is referred to as ancient Hue. Different from other cities Hue only has 2 seasons: rainy and sunny. It was 3 years and a half I haven’t been back. My city is well-known for its shrines, pagodas, mausoleums, foods, and festivals. Hue foods are varied, such as various cakes, many types of rice noodles, etc. Hue festival is an international cultural event organized in Hue every two years to honor the priceless heritage of Hue. I really miss my hometown.

Hi danthanh13,

I enjoyed reading your comment and I learned a lot about Hue. It sounds like a place with a really rich history and culture. You mentioned food - is there any particular dish that Hue is famous for?


LearnEnglish team

Submitted by Masha_Smi on Wed, 08/03/2023 - 14:48


Hi! I am from Saint - Petersburg. This is beautifulest place in the world for me. Architecture is fantastic. There are many rivers and canals and trust me it is fabulous. Saint - Petersburg is famous for white nights and drawbridges in summer. If you decide to visit this city in the summer chek out bridges draw schedule.